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Carcosan Corruptors

Race:  Underworld
Coach:  Larsen
There are two caves in the heart of the city of Carcosa, called Dehme and Hali. For millions of years they lay there with no-one to see them, while strange creatures slithered through the undergrowth. After the rise of the mighty Carcosan Cremators a strange alliance was formed between the two caves.

The chaotic goblins bonded with the sneaky ratkin and created the most vicious and sinister team of all times. Supported by The Yellow King the Carcosan Corruptors was brought to the overworld once more to bring glory to Carcosa and The Changer of Ways!

Carcosan Corruptors<img border='0' title='retired' src='gfx/retiredteam.gif' align='absmiddle' style='margin-bottom:-1px'> team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Aug. 4th, 2011 - old news
The Carcosan Courier #8

After a terrible season and an even more eventful journey home the "The Underlord" and his team of backstabbing cultmembers has yet again vanished. According to the last communication with the captain of the warship "Edge of Sanity" a short reroute was planned through the mystical phenomenon known to the northerners as The Gaze of Tzeentch.

Despite protests from both crew and ship the course was apparently decided when Uncle Hastur devoured the navigator while happily beating the mutineers to death with the ships steering wheel. The great sage Narthalion of Leng pointed out that "Only a madman would ever try to navigate The Gaze, it is the place of gods, not men..". Now only the Birdgod knows what became of the popular team, but every Carcosan know by heart that change is the only constant in the omniverse..
- Larsen
July 1st, 2011 - old news
The Carcosan Courier #7
Devastation.. Raw and total devastation.. In the last two games the Skitterleap brothers where both taken out of the picture, one by death, the other by to severe injurys to be of any value but snacks for Uncle Hastur. Some of the cultists of Nurgle point out that this is the end of the Carcosans, to bad for the asshats that true Carcosans thrive in change and if the change is a violent one its all the better.

After being all but pulped into submission by the fury of Slakthus 7 the Corruptors fanaticism kept the team on the pitch despite being grind down to just Tharlitch von Claw, Darek Batmaster and the undying Uncle Hastur by the middle of round 2. The game in itself proved to be a schoolbook example of how a kickoff can ruin everything, not once, but every kickoff in the game. The Carcosans will consolidate and bring harsh judgement upon a league that just does not bode will for the comming seasons.

Change is screaming in the brooding air..
Change is bleeding from the moonlit sky..
Change calls death from its cavernous lair..
Change is the end where all of you will die..
- Larsen
Mar. 31st, 2011 - old news
The Carcosan Courier #6
With two more matches fought the extremly chaotic nature of the team are starting to show of. The match versus Green Bay Slackers was about as everchanging as a melting slug in the heart of a ooze where the ball was more eager to scatter around the pitch randomly then resting firmly in either of the teams hands. After a few dirty tricks from the Slackers the Corruptors proved to them that they had read more then just the cover of the book of sneaky schemes.. A victory for the Carcosans and a even greater triumph for the Lord of Mutations.

The second match was played against the traitorous but Educated Rodents, a team that hold a personal spot in the great book of grudges against the Yellow King. The cunning ratmen had rigged the game with a huge steampowered nightlight trying to mesmerise the cavedwellers of Carcosa and in the beginning it proved to be a great success. In one turn the mighty Uncle Hastur and two of his henchmen was knocked silly and dragged of the pitch in a blur of stars. When the game was looking as bad as a naked halfling on a congregation of Slaanesh the might of the changer surged through the form of the up until now harmless Tzardrak Skitterleap. With a blinding rush he devastated the defenses and scored a quick touchdown all while chanting an incantation to the birdgod.

The Educated Rodents was further horrified when Khraa Ravenhead pulled out more then a handfull of electrical wiring on their steamdriven monstrosity R.B.O.T v1.0 Algernon. The judge didn’t approve and sent a grinning cultist out to join his malevolent brethren in cheers and the ritual covering of slugs. The game quickly turned into a slow grind where the faster and more agile rodents tried to stop the advance of the bickering and insane Corruptors. The game ended 2-0 to the Carcosans.. Just as planned..
- Larsen
Mar. 31st, 2011 - old news
The Carcosan Courier #5
In a twist of fate "The Wench of Change" showed up just in time for the second match of the season. A rift in the space-time continuum had sent the warship and all its crew directly into the garden of Nurgle where a battle of epic proportions had broken out. The chosen warriors of the Changer of Ways had melted nurglings and plaguebearers in scores with flames of pure change until finally the fabric of time collapsed and spewed both the ship, its crew and a handful of papa Nurgles latest diseases right back unto the pitch where the Wolfland Warriors was waiting. The potent smell of burning nurglings and the sight of the birdlike mutated deckhands cheering for the Corruptors was an inspiring sight for all supporters gathered. The game ended in a draw after a long and chaotic match without anyone gaining an upper hand.
- Larsen
Tournaments played:
Season 2½, Season 3, Season 4, Season 5
Trophies won:
Collector cards: Season 2½


Current Champion

Latest matches:
Season 31, round 7
  3    Aspudden Agnostics
  0    Black Ark Bloodle...
Season 31, round 7
  0    El Diablos
  2    Chaos Engine
Season 31, round 7
  2    Nobilissimum Domi...
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  1    Wormwood Harbingers
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  1    Barbed Wire Kisses
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Season 31, round 7
  1    Salzenmund Demigr...
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7evens Season 2, round 2
  1    (7) Killabot Ravens
  0    (7) Seven Sisters
7evens Season 2, round 1
  1    (7) Killabot Ravens
  0    (7) Seven Sisters
Season 31, round 6
  1    El Diablos
  0    Salzenmund Demigr...
Season 31, round 7
  3    UndeadZone
  0    Syndabockarna
Open Season 18, S1
  2    Snowstoppers
  1    Walter Tech Tips
Season 31, round 7
  0    Meal Machines
  3    Singing in the snow
Season 31, round 6
  1    Black Ark Bloodle...
  2    Ett Slannt Nöje
Season 31, round 6
  2    Syndabockarna
  2    Nobilissimum Domi...
Season 31, round 6
  1    Chaos Engine
  1    UndeadZone
7evens Season 2, S1
  1    (7) Seven Sisters
  0    (7) Khorny Seven
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