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The Educated Rodents

Race:  Skaven
Coach:  Simon
Lead by Dr Oppenhammer the Educated Rodents have set out to prove that brains beat brawn.

They use teekknowlogy to beat the opposing teams.
Using such inventions as steampower, cybernetic enhancements and genetic mutations to their advantage.

The Educated Rodents team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Dec. 16th, 2010 - old news
The history of The Educated Rodents
Thinking they had failed in there intelligence improving experiment, the mages at the Bretonnian institute of potions and farming threw out their lab-rat Algernon.

Algernon took shelter in the abandoned labs in the cellar of the institute. His intelligence quickly growing beyond that of his makers. He saw how he could grant his gifts to his fellow rats.

There was only one problem, one thing he had to solve before being able to go on with his plans. And so he started on his first project, Project opposable thumbs.
He quickly found a theoretical solution but had a lot of technical problems building his device without thumbs.

Once he was done with his first project the rest followed quickly. Enhancing the intellect of his fellow rats they quickly took over the entire basement.
When they started Project XL, increasing there size to that of humans they quickly took over the whole building making it the start of there republic.

The team consists of three different kinds of rats.

The white lab rats are the brains of the team and inventors of a lot of the teeknowlogy but not very exceptional on the pitch.

The brown sewer rats, stronger than the other rats but not much brighter than an average human.

The black roof rats, weaker than the other rats but the most agile and the bravest of the rats.
- Simon
Tournaments played:
SquigBowl 2, Season 3, Season 4, Season 5
Trophies won:
Scorer of Touchdowns: Season 3


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Current Champion

Latest matches:
Open 16, S1
  2    Tlanxla Visionaries
  1    Ulthuan United

Season 29, round 3
  2    Kista Social Nibb...
  1    The Dumbster'z
Season 29, round 3
  0    Writers Wot Snuff...
  1    Also Sprach Zharr...
Season 29, round 3
  0    New Vinland Patri...
  3    Run the Rats
Season 29, round 3
  1    Killabots
  2    Green Diet

Open 16, S1
  1    [YB] Ekerö Braind...
  3    Snipe Hunters

Season 29, round 3
  0    Träskallarna IF
  3    Rosevalley Thorns
Season 29, round 2
  1    Sick Moves
  1    Anlec Talons

Open 16, Stadion 1
  1    [YB]Buttbugle Bru...
  2    Tlanxla Visionaries

Season 29, round 2
  2    Also Sprach Zharr...
  0    Edsbergs Elende

Open 16, S1
  0    [YB] Ekerö Braind...
  1    Sollentuna Smashers

Season 29, round 2
  1    Kista Social Nibb...
  1    Blackport Krakens

Open 16, b2
  1    Chaos Engine
  0    Tlanxla Visionaries
Open 16, S1
  2    Ryssviken Ragtags
  1    Snipe Hunters

Season 29, round 2
  2    Hedeby BK
  0    Essinge Howlers
Season 29, round 2
  1    Green Diet
  1    Writers Wot Snuff...
Season 29, round 2
  1    Dark Frells Unt.
  3    Träskallarna IF
Season 29, round 2
  3    Mighty Brewerers
  0    Killabots
Season 29, round 2
  1    Rosevalley Thorns
  2    Enskede Bollklubb

Open 16, S1
  2    Chaos Engine
  1    Ryssviken Ragtags
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