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Carcosan Cremators

Race:  Chaos
Coach:  Larsen
The mighty Cremators hail from the city of Carcosa. Ruled by The King in Yellow, herald of the changer, lord of the yellow sign, keeper of the sacred void. The harsh brotherhood rules the team with their unrelentless will and strive to bring the glory of Carcosa to the heathens of all races..

Carcosan Cremators team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Sep. 14th, 2010 - old news
Carcosan Rule..
The tatters of the Yellow King was dancing with the wind in the yellow gloom of Lost Carcosa when the Unspeakable spoke of a great change for all of Carcosa. The very foundation of the city trembled under the might of the gathered forces sworn to the bitdgod as the future of the Carcosans where predicted in the gore of a shoggoths brain. The Cremators lead by the indominable Fanngrimm showed of the remarkable skills of the team at the shore of lake Hali in a match of training against Carcosan Corruptors.

"It iss a day of glory and pride for all of the underfolkss of Carcossa to finally face of against our brotherss on the ssurface!" said Count Tessla, the selfproclaimed captain of the Corruptors. "Although not as brutal and sstrong as our warrior-kin we have all to often proved that a dagger in the dark is worth a thoussand sswordss at dawn! That is if the dagger is generoussly ssmeared in the ssap of the deathroot!"

The venerable Yellow king will now decide which of the teams to field in the upcomming season. No matter who is fielded destruction will rain upon all those who oppose the Carcosans and the age of Tzeentch will renew again.
- Larsen
Aug. 24th, 2010 - old news
Trust in Chaos..
After a stalemate in the game against the heathens of SPAM! The Yellow King, headcoach of the Cremators looked puzzled." Lord Tzeentch tests my faith!" he commented to the Carcosan Times, "Now we must trust on The Filth defeating those weak elves for us Carcosans to be able to reach endgame.. And we all know the rotting brother of mine needs all support he can get.. For the upcomming game I command all the Carcosan supporters to send a praise up for Nurgle! Victory for Chaos! Glory to The Changer of Ways!"
- Larsen
July 2nd, 2010 - old news
Eye of the Birdgod..
After an even massacre against the elven heathens of Pointy Ear Saints the atmosphere was dim in the ritual chamber of the Carcosans. A new tactic was crafted in the gloom and so the "Winds of Change" was born. The tactic is said to be compromised of such a reckless and insane design that even the mighty bloodgod would be pleased to see it in action.. However the changer of ways did not approve of the battleplan.

After yesterdays defeat against the blasphemers of Thyr the team was howling furiously at the blackened sky of Carcosa. Vengence will be gruesome. Despite Taurican being a force of destruction adn rampage the rest of the team had a hard time striking down the fallen. "Morrsleib is glowing weakly above me.. it is a bad omen for us devoted to the true gods.." proclaimed Fanngrimm. "Not even the mighty brothers of Nurgle are succeding and the rookie teams from the wastes are not really bleeding the opposition dry.." added Zhargrimm.

The Carcosans are said to have a cunning plan until next match.. A plan so sneaky that alot of players suspect the Carcosan Corruptors to be the brains behind the play..
- Larsen
June 6th, 2010 - old news
Rot purged in fire..
After a hardfought victory against the rotting brethrens of Nurgle the team found itself outbashed by the harsh putrid warriors. The blood of two Carcosan fighters stained the field and it was with a smirk that The Yellow King decided to retire two of the fallen warriors due to their lack of faith..

Next up is the elves that stole the victory from Carcosa during last seasons final and this time the Cremators will show no mercy for the elves. Hopefully the winds of skullchrushing will be favourable..
- Larsen
Tournaments played:
Season 1, Season 2
Trophies won:
2nd place: Season 1


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