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Carcosan Cremators team retired

   Roster number: 11  

Value: 120,000 gp

Interceptions: 0
Completions: 1
Touchdowns: 1
Casualties: 7
MVP awards: 0
Star Player Points: 18
Most violent player: Season 1

MA ST AG AV Skills
6 3 4 8 Horns, Block, +AG

Sustained Injuries: none


-- Carcosan Cremators has retired team retired --.
The Birdman of Drakwald, Touched by Tzeentch, Heralder of the Yellow King. Starting his life as a fledling living in the high towers of Carcosa Corax was early on approached by Waldgrimm who took him under his tutelage. Lusting for battle and a will to shape his own future Corax joined the Cremators and have since wreaked a bloody toll on the battlefield earning him the title Most Violent Player in the first season.

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Current Champion

Latest matches:
Open Season 15, B2
  2    Darkwood Devils
  1    Vermillion Vermin
Open Season 15, S1
  2    Writers Wot Snuff...
  0    El Diablos
Open Season 15, S1
  1    Bazherak's Bashers
  2    Rough Lovers
Open Season 15, Playa 4
  1    Firpit Assassinat...
  4    Bazherak's Bashers
Open Season 15, Båt 3
  1    Firpit Assassinat...
  1    Bazherak's Bashers
Open Season 15, Dungeon 2
  1    Bazherak's Bashers
  1    Firpit Assassinat...
Open Season 15, Stadion 1
  2    Sollentuna Smashers
  1    Firpit Assassinat...
Open Season 15, Beach 1
  2    Writers Wot Snuff...
  0    Bazherak's Bashers
Open Season 15, S1
  1    Also Sprach Zharr...
  1    Green Basterds
Open Season 15, S1
  3    Vermillion Vermin
  2    'UMan' Unified Ma...
Open Season 15, S1
  3    Rough Lovers
  0    SpaceOrcs
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