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The Ulthuan Firebirds

Race:  High Elf
Coach:  Björne
The team was originally founded by a High elf prince who had taken an interest in Blood bowl. However, the Prince quickly lost interest in the sport, but forgot to cut the funding to the team. So the team could continue to exist.

At first the players were recuited from ex-members of the Phoenix guard and the High elf elite with little regard to the player's skills. But as the coach got full control of the team most of the players were replaced with more skillful players from all walks of High elf society.

High Elf logo
no custom team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
May 24th, 2014 - old news
Game 1 aftermath
“So, how does it feel loosing this game?” squeaks the goblin reporter into his microphone. The Goblin reporter then struggles to reach up his microphone high enough to reach the high elf coach. The elf looks surprised and looks down at the small green creature.

“Oh , I didn’t see you there. I’m sorry, what was your question?”

The goblin gulps nervously and speaks into his microphone again before he stretches his arm up once again.

“What do you feel about the game result? Are you disappointed?”

The listens attentively and then nods.

“Of course I’m disappointed. But I feel that we did pretty well considering the circumstances. Two of our players go injured early in the game, so we were playing at a disadvantage for most of the game”

“Is there anything that you think your team could have done better?” asks the goblin.

The elf thinks for a moment before answering.

“Yes, I think we need to improve our team work, a couple of the players were real glory hounds and tried to run off on their own with no support. I also think we need to work on our elérurion*”

The Goblin struggles not to hit his long nose with the microphone as he brings it back to his mouth.

“Are you worried about your next game, against the team Over-eazy?”

“No, next time we will be ready!”

*= Rough translation: “The Dance of blood and bowls” or as it more commonly translated as “Elven bullsh**”
- Björne
Tournaments played:
Season 14, Season 15
Trophies won:

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Current Champion

Latest matches:
Season 30, Round 6
  2    Palmeutredningen
  0    Birka Cruisers
Season 30, Round 6
  2    Nobilissimum Domi...
  1    Bredäng Mighty Mice
Season 30, Round 6
  2    Magyar Marauders
  0    Lustria Laureates
Season 30, Round 6
  1    Eenchville Change...
  2    Ryssviken Ragtags
Season 30, Round 6
  0    Rough Lovers
  1    Firewalkers

Open Season 17, B2
  4    Landori Hawks
  1    Bad Monkeys
Open Season 17, s1
  2    Bad Monkeys
  1    El Diablos

Season 30, Round 6
  0    Saphery Seraphs
  5    Winter Annuals
Season 30, Round 5
  0    Enskedefältet Fig...
  2    Eenchville Change...

Open Season 17, round 1
  0    Inferno 4-121
  1    El Diablos
Open Season 17, båt 2
  0    Bad Monkeys
  2    Inferno 4-121

Season 30, Round 5
  1    Blackport Krakens
  0    Sick Moves

7evens Season 1, 7(1)
  1    (7) Green bay Ratts
  1    (7) Mighty 7 or 8

Open Season 17, s1
  1    Bad Monkeys
  3    Meal Machines

Season 30, Round 5
  1    Magyar Marauders
  0    Palmeutredningen
Season 30, Round 5
  3    Winter Annuals
  1    Kista Social Nibb...

Open Season 17, S1
  3    Bad Monkeys
  3    Landori Hawks

Season 30, Round 5
  2    Bredäng Mighty Mice
  1    Syndabockarna

7evens Season 1, Match 4
  1    (7) Little Dwarfs
  0    (7) Duckwings För...
7evens Season 1, Match 3
  0    (7) Duckwings För...
  1    (7) Little Dwarfs
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