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The Warpstone Munchers

Race:  Underworld
Coach:  jox

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Bulletin board from the coach
Jan. 22nd, 2015 - old news
Pre-season training complete!
"-So coach Jox, after three matches with a total score och 1-7 and getting hurt more than twice as much as your opponent, including get one member of the team killed each game. How do you see this awful performance of your team correspond to the money I, the mighty owner of Claws Ohlsson and proud sponsor of, what you told me to be the best team ever, spend?"
said the foul smelling and disgusting Bubonot Tumour addressing the question to Jox.
" Well it is not as bad as it seems" started Jox, clearly affected by the smell and the two very intimidating bodyguards that were leaning over his head. "The first game couldīve gone better but you know Bub, it takes time to build a perfect team." Jox used purposely the shorter "Bub" to "familiarize" himself with Bubonot but got interupted.
" Yes of course mighty Bubonot Tumour.... I apologize... What followed were two games when a lot of testing went on.
And remember the second match was against the winner of the pre-season. Losing by less than we did would've been a bigger success than..... I donīt know... Iīm lacking words for that feat..."
Jox's confidence grew slightly when the reaction wasnīt yet another outburst in ugly derogatory words but got stumied when Bubonot suddnely said:
"But you still lost your third game!!!!"
Eager to get away from the situation Jox responded quickly:
"Yes indeed but we scored our first goal, a true heroic feat combining the throwing accuracy of Fatso and the nimble feet of Snatter. The crowd went crazy. You shouldīve been there"
Clearly annoyed by they quick and cheerful answer Bubonot looked up with his sore eyes and with dismayal responed:
"Out, out of my office and donīt dare to venture in here again before you win something or at least donīt loose"
Given the option of staying and arguing or making a quick exit still alive Jox got to his feet and ran off.
- jox
Nov. 30th, 2014 - old news
Training Starts today
1 Win, 1 Draw and four losses wasnīt good enough for the owner in the teamīs first Tournament.
So all he could do was to send them to train.

The original plan was to enter Season 16 but when the Open Season 1 opened there was no need to hesitate.

Now all that remains from world dominance is a few more matches under their belt and some hard work.
(and maybe a few bribes to the commishernes and a lot of sacrifices to Nuffle)
- jox
Tournaments played:
StockbowlOpen 1, Season 16, SquigBowl 16, Open Season 3, Open Season 4
Trophies won:
Gone Down Under!: Season 16


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