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Skyla’s Unikhornes

Race:  Khorne
Coach:  suncar
Skyla’s Unikhornes are stemming from the north.
Sometimes they are referred to as the most Northern
Of Brothers. They are dedicated to the Skulltaker and would very much like to honor him by creating havoc on the pitch.

Khorne logo
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Bulletin board from the coach
Aug. 31st, 2018 - old news
Unikhornes are moving
The Kharnath worshipping free gamin did manage a narrow but resounding victory in the first round of Season 27.
The Jarls are pleased, Skull-King also, even though the fans seemed very friendly.
The opposing blitzers stayed in the dugouts mostly when put there, that might have been the main reason for the outcome of the game.
A Feldsher is now enrolled to the Unikhornes.
- suncar
Tournaments played:
Season 27
Trophies won:

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Current Champion

Latest matches:
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  0    SpaceOrcs
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