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Pointy Ear Saints

Race:  Elf
Coach:  Joel

Elf logo
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Bulletin board from the coach
May 20th, 2010 - old news
Season Premiere
It's always nice to be first out and to deliver the fans a win early season!
The team did a marvelous match despite a sweltering heat and the outrageous steanch of the opposing team.

Rumours has it that Saint Edward II got a sever dusting from the team head coach after killing Klamydia. The reason is said to have been that this starplayer of The Filth's could otherwise have been crucuial in decimating the more fearsome players of the league to rotters.
- Joel
Mar. 14th, 2010 - old news
Unruly elves.
After a few games into the season the elves go mad in the training sessions. We try getting them to learn receive and deal blocks better, to improve their skills in dodging out of the way of the opposition. But the only part of the training the players seems to enjoy is running around playing tag to improving their running. Soon we have to get them to focus on learning survival skills or they will start dying at the hands of the more brutal opposition in this league. Perhaps a fellows death is what's needed for them to focus but it would be most beneficial for the teams progress if it could be avoided.

Lets hope the gods are on our side and at least get us through our next game against SPAM! without any serious injuries.
- Joel
Mar. 1st, 2010 - old news
Lets stay undefeted
Second in Red group after 2 matches, and we don't intend to be beaten by Nuns either. Having noticed that next weeks opponent Holy Sisters of Thyr developed into a blodgy gang we will have to rely on speed but how could they ever match us there now that we signed a contract with Reeborc. We'll keep getting faster every match, soon to outrun even the stinky rats from Green group!
- Joel
Tournaments played:
Season 1, Season 2, Reserves Rumble, SquigBowl 5, Reserves Rumble, Season 12
Trophies won:
Champions: Season 1


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Current Champion

Latest matches:
Open Season 12, round 3
  3    Sthlm Dyslectics!
  0    BUTCH

Season 26, Bronset Match
  1    Badland Bruisers
  0    Bribers from the ...

SquigBowl 26, round 2
  1    House Drakenborg
  4    Ragnar och gänget
SquigBowl 26, round 2
  1    Slemdorf Shufflers
  2    Juiblex Quakers
SquigBowl 26, Squig
  2    Firewalkers
  1    Magna Stultus

Season 26, Le grand Finale Season 26
  0    Svedmyraskogen Sa...
  3    Tomb City Underta...

SquigBowl 26, round 1
  5    [YB] Frightening ...
  1    Tullingane
SquigBowl 26, round 1
  1    High Elfidelphia ...
  2    Green Diet
SquigBowl 26, round 1
  2    Peacecliff Eelers
  0    Snipe Hunters

Season 26, Semifinal 1
  1    Badland Bruisers
  2    Tomb City Underta...
Season 26, Semifinal 2
  3    Svedmyraskogen Sa...
  1    Bribers from the ...

SquigBowl 26, round 1
  0    Slemdorf Diggers
  0    Westside Murders
SquigBowl 26, round 1
  0    Nightbreed
  2    Da Blak Handz

Reserve Rumble, round 1
  0    West side Hartvigs
  2    Peacecliff Eelers
Reserve Rumble, round 1
  1    Tullingane
  3    Dolgans Thunder

Season 26, 1/4-final 3
  3    Svedmyraskogen Sa...
  1    Norse by Norsewest

Open Season 12, Wateva
  2    StockBowl Unt.
  1    Meal Machines
Open Season 12, Demented Dungeon
  0    Tallkrogen Tophats
  2    [YB] Frightening ...

Reserve Rumble, round 1
  3    Slemdorf Shufflers
  0    Bazherak's bashers

Season 26, 1/4-final 4
  0    'Zons of Anarchy
  3    Tomb City Underta...
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