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The Over-Eazy

Race:  Lizardmen
Coach:  MvP
From the darkest depths of the oozing and steaming, hissing and stinging jungles of Lustria comes the feral force of The Over-Eazy. Scrambled together by the brilliant coach MvP from the vilest, most vicious rotten eggs that ever rested in a hatchery their mere presence on the Blood Bowl pitch is enough to make the stadium roar with excitement and their unfortunate adversaries soil their pantaloons uncontrollably, generously and repeatedly.

The Over-Eazy team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
May 16th, 2014 - old news
The Over-Eazy/Har Ganeth Frenzies
Stunning! Spectacular! Surreal! Staggering! Stellar! Superadjectivelicious!
It was as if a massive bolt of glimmering scales and razor sharp claws had suddenly struck the Har Ganeth Frenzies from a clear blue sky this Thursday. The rookie Over-Eazy's blurring speed and overpowering strength made short work of the Frenzies every attempt to assert themselves on the field from the first whistle and after two of their team mates had to be carried off the pitch in the first half, the Frenzies, dazed and confused, never recovered and their fans had to see their team hammered into the grass while the skinks scored over and over and over again. At the end of the second drive many of the dark elf players only reluctantly got back on their feet while some seemed to be staying down, faking injury in order to avoid real ones. A painful debut for the Dark Elf rookies and who knows what the cold blooded lizards think of their win, because from what we saw today they only appear to feel rage and bloodlust. The enigmatic, rumored half-mad, international snake oil mogul and head coach of the Lizardmen refused to comment after the match but was hurried by his Kroxigor body guards into his carriage after handing out some free samples of his world famous Lizagra-Elexir to cheering spectators whilst shouting "If you want a solid snake, then Lizagra you must take".
- MvP
Tournaments played:
Season 14
Trophies won:

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