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New Mill Cheesemongers

Race:  Halfling
Coach:  Ozt
The Cheesemongers was originally a regiment of lifeguards for the Head Elder of The Moot, the halfling nation in the Empire.
Unfortunatly the Elder could not be persuaded to let the food tasters do their jobs, since that would mean less food for him.
After the Elder was poisoned and killed, the Cheesemongers returned to their home village of Newmill in disgrace.
They needed an outlet for their anger and shame.

New Mill Cheesemongers team badge
Bulletin board from the coach


Tournaments played:
Season 24
Trophies won:

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Current Champion

Latest matches:
Reserves Rumble, The Round
  0    Magna Stultus
  1    Underground Resis...

Season 25, 1/4-final 4
  1    Big Mean Machine ...
  0    Firewalkers

Open Season 11, Dungeon
  1    Chaos Bullet Club
  1    Flokis Lok
Open Season 11, dungeon
  3    Oldones Coldones
  2    Chaos Bullet Club

Season 25, 1/4-final 3
  0    Ormfell Vipers
  1    Da Blak Handz

Open Season 11, Tut tut!
  1    Tomb City Underta...
  0    Flokis Lok

Reserves Rumble, The Round
  2    New Skaveland Rat...
  3    Svedmyraskogen Sa...

Season 25, 1/4-final 2
  1    Eenchville Change...
  2    Cursed Scorpions

Open Season 11, round 11
  1    Ionic Avengers
  0    Flokis Lok

Season 25, Round 7
  0    The Misfits
  1    Da Blak Handz
Season 25, Round 7
  1    Salzenmund Demigr...
  1    Emballeurs de Bai...
Season 25, Round 7
  2    Underground Resis...
  1    Ormfell Vipers
Season 25, Round 7
  1    Snipe Hunters
  1    Firewalkers
Season 25, Round 7
  1    Mighty Brewerers
  1    Phullersta Phantoms
Season 25, Round 7
  1    New Skaveland Rat...
  1    Global Blackdogs
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