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Hallowed be thy Blade

Race:  Dark Elf
Coach:  Jonny
At last our blackships has landed on the mainlands of the precious few we've yet to enslave.

We shall bring victory to our lands and with our great speed, finesse and sharp blades we shall bring thousands upon thousands cheering fans back to our homes. To slave in our pits and to build more ships so our greatest warriors can train for another season of Blood Bowl.

The greatest of sports and the greatest of entertainments!

Hallowed be thy Blade team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
July 3rd, 2010 - old news
Victory By The Blade!
By Khaines bloodstained pants.
It was a close one.
The Ogres marched on hard.
flinging players left and right all through the first half.

Through a sheer desperation manouver ordered
by the coach, the team managed to stay
the smelly beasts and stop the ball from reaching
our endzone. Later on some would say that
the coach had seen a sign of a prancing manatee in
a patch of blood on the grass and
knew that the time was right for a well placed blitz
to end the unyelding march of the giants.
It had nothing to do with luck at all!!!

The second half went better by far,
our malicious Iriul Blacksnake
catched a nicley thrown pass and ran for the line,
the smelly ones couldn't keep up with his
awsome speed, ducking under the swinging arm
of one of the smelly ones he scored Our first TD!
It has been ordained that a hundred goblins
in our pens shall be sacrificed in his name
for this greatest of achivements.

Glory to behold!
We shall sharpen our blades
for our next foe.
Humans make good pets...
- Jonny
July 2nd, 2010 - old news
Alas My Followers.
We suffered a Crushing Defeat against the filthy hairy hands of the Vermillion Vermin few.

But all is not lost.
For every goal they took from us.
We took a plegued rat from them.
It has been decreed that the head of Split Skuttlespike
shall be hollowed out and used as a holder
of chilled wine in the presence of the Witch King.
To forever remember the glory
of when our very own Nabir Duskstrider
lay our foe low to the ground and put his boot in.

We give you this match Vermillion Vermin.
but remember well that we will always be
watching you from the shadows.
our shadows are long and our knives sharp.

I hope you can sleep well at night,
we will be coming for you.

(as a sidenote we brought back 18000 new slaves to the blackships outside the rat infested coast, rats make pitiful slaves but maybe the can come to use in the mines,)
- Jonny
July 1st, 2010 - old news
Pre-Game Victory Speech.
Ah yes. today is the day, we begin our glorious journey,
we meet the filthy Vermillion Vermin. though classily dressed in blue, they make usless wretched slaves,
though they go good with cheese in the kings more.uncommon banquets.

For the Wich king and for glory.
blood will be spillt this day!
- Jonny
Tournaments played:
Season 2½, Season 3
Trophies won:
3rd place: Season 2½


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