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The Filth

Race:  Nurgle
Coach:  Simon
The Filth was created for the first season of StockBowl In the year 2510.

The point of the team was never to win any matches, instead the briliant coach saw in Blood Bowl the potential to spread Nurgles Rot to the oposing teams (and to the hearts and minds of the fans).

Only the most infectious Rotters that can be fished up from the pits get to join the team. And only our most contagious Warriors and most viral Pestigors get recalled from the battlezones to play in The Filth.

For Nurgle, Nuffle and Victory!

The Filth team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
May 29th, 2010 - old news
Important message to our fans!
Next week we will be facing of with our brothers and nemesis'ses Carcosan Cremators. The team is now urging their fans to help them win this match.

"What ever you can do to help the team, it is your duty to do it in honour of Grandfather Nurgle. If you are rich donate money, if you have powers use them to curse the opponents or bless our players.

But even YOU our regular mortal or rotter fan can make a difference for your team! Make sacrifices to Nurgle and Nuffle, throw a rock, distract the opponents, poison there drinks, get the ref, or just invade the pitch and beat them up! "
- Simon
May 22nd, 2010 - old news
The mourning is over!
After getting killed on the field, The Filths starplayer Klamydia, was rewarded with spawnhood. Klamydias body was used in a ritual to respawn Pestilence and is now incorporated in to the Beast of Nurgle.
- Simon
May 19th, 2010 - old news
The coach of The Filth has announced a weak of mourning for Klamydia, during this period no trainings will be held. The coach has also sworn vengeance and curses upon all elven teams.
- Simon
Tournaments played:
Season 1, Season 2
Trophies won:
Collector cards: Season 2
Colorful Beverage: Season 2



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Current Champion

Latest matches:
Open Season 12, round 3
  3    Sthlm Dyslectics!
  0    BUTCH

Season 26, Bronset Match
  1    Badland Bruisers
  0    Bribers from the ...

SquigBowl 26, round 2
  1    House Drakenborg
  4    Ragnar och gänget
SquigBowl 26, round 2
  1    Slemdorf Shufflers
  2    Juiblex Quakers
SquigBowl 26, Squig
  2    Firewalkers
  1    Magna Stultus

Season 26, Le grand Finale Season 26
  0    Svedmyraskogen Sa...
  3    Tomb City Underta...

SquigBowl 26, round 1
  5    [YB] Frightening ...
  1    Tullingane
SquigBowl 26, round 1
  1    High Elfidelphia ...
  2    Green Diet
SquigBowl 26, round 1
  2    Peacecliff Eelers
  0    Snipe Hunters

Season 26, Semifinal 1
  1    Badland Bruisers
  2    Tomb City Underta...
Season 26, Semifinal 2
  3    Svedmyraskogen Sa...
  1    Bribers from the ...

SquigBowl 26, round 1
  0    Slemdorf Diggers
  0    Westside Murders
SquigBowl 26, round 1
  0    Nightbreed
  2    Da Blak Handz

Reserve Rumble, round 1
  0    West side Hartvigs
  2    Peacecliff Eelers
Reserve Rumble, round 1
  1    Tullingane
  3    Dolgans Thunder

Season 26, 1/4-final 3
  3    Svedmyraskogen Sa...
  1    Norse by Norsewest

Open Season 12, Wateva
  2    StockBowl Unt.
  1    Meal Machines
Open Season 12, Demented Dungeon
  0    Tallkrogen Tophats
  2    [YB] Frightening ...

Reserve Rumble, round 1
  3    Slemdorf Shufflers
  0    Bazherak's bashers

Season 26, 1/4-final 4
  0    'Zons of Anarchy
  3    Tomb City Underta...
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