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Result of Season 24

Score Board
Top Charts

  Team trophy    Winner Race
& coach
  Champions   The Ibex Guardians  Skaven
The cat alan
  2nd place   Hearts Once Again  Vampire
  3rd place   Big Mean Machine MK3  Chaos Dwarf
  Most Lethal Team   MLPK  Dwarf
  Fair Play Prize   Hearts Once Again  Vampire
  Jumbo Prize   Rat Salad  Skaven
  Collector cards   The Ibex Guardians  Skaven
The cat alan
  Collector cards   Reikland Reapers  Undead
  Player prize    Winner Type
& team
  Top Scorer     Thomas the Tank Engine Bounty (70000 gp) Bull Centaur
Big Mean Machine MK3
  Most violent player     Naal Sand-Agate retired Dwarf Blocker
The Mighty Brewerers
  Top Thrower     Billy Fingers  Human Thrower
Cape Asp Wiseguys
  Deadliest Player     Tungdil the foster son  Dwarf Blitzer
The Mighty Brewerers
  Deadliest Player     Granite  Troll Slayer
Hill Island Raiders
  Deadliest Player     Killer Krox  Kroxigor
Heron Rock Lizards
  Top Interceptor     Mariolin retired Wood Elf Lineman
Svedmyraskogen Saviours
  Top Interceptor     Otsoko Poisonwalker  Zombie
Pink Friends of Nagash
  Rising Star     Darmin Nitely  Ghoul
Pink Friends of Nagash

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Current Champion

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Open Season 18, S1
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Season 31, round 4
  1    Aspudden Agnostics
  0    Barbed Wire Kisses

Open Season 18, S1
  1    Mordheim Marshwal...
  0    Bruised Ego

7evens Season 2, Round 2
  2    (7) Ceredion Dozers
  0    (7) Cult of Cobra...
7evens Season 2, Rond 1
  1    (7) Cult of Cobra...
  1    (7) Ceredion Dozers

Season 31, round 4
  1    Chaos Engine
  0    Syndabockarna
Season 31, round 4
  2    UndeadZone
  1    Magyar Marauders
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