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Result of Season 19

Score Board
Top Charts

  Team trophy    Winner Race
& coach
  Champions   Celestial Bodies  Elf
  2nd place   Mutants and Scum  Chaos Pact
  3rd place   Chaos strikes back  Chaos
  Most Lethal Team   Chosen of Xe'Lius  Lizardmen
  Most Lethal Team   Rare Exports Inc.  Dwarf
  Most Lethal Team   Chaos strikes back  Chaos
  Fair Play Prize   Pale Moon Pirates  Orc
  Jumbo Prize   Freudian Slippers  Goblin
  Collector cards   Rare Exports Inc.  Dwarf
  Collector cards   Elfsjö Dodgers  Wood Elf
  Gone Down Under!   Thumb in the eye boys  Orc
  Player prize    Winner Type
& team
  Top Scorer     Torche  Beastman
Train of consequence
  Most violent player     Ruster  Beastman
Chaos strikes back
  Top Thrower     Idlat Bounty (50000 gp) Dark Elf Runner
Sea Monsters
  Deadliest Player     T'Jorn'Y  Kroxigor
Chosen of Xe'Lius
  Top Interceptor     Kayenne  Ghoul
Zaracias Zackers
  Top Interceptor     Mr. Stoolspatuler  Human Lineman
New Albion Wanderers
  Top Interceptor     Rana dead Slann Blitzer
Chaqua Bullfrogs
  Rising Star     Torche  Beastman
Train of consequence
  Fan Favorite     Marx Bounty (50000 gp) Goblin
Freudian Slippers

Current Champion

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  0    (7) Khorny Seven
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  2    Ulthuan United
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  1    Iron Casters
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  0    Biggie Smalls
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