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Old Bulletins

Old bulletin board
Mar. 18th, 2015
Mourning in the We Eat U camp
After a freak accident with the modified Snotling Doom Diver Kablam was working on,the joints in the machine failed and Kablam crashed hard into a mountain,the Snotling shaman could not help him after he crushed all his bones in the fall.

-"He will be missed,he was a fun fellow and always up for a prank"Did Bonkers had to say about his former teammate

-"Im looking forward to the bbq tonight were we will east on Kablam as is tradition,i also belive after his dabbling in the arts of explosives and powder he will taste very spicy,yummy"Max Ernst tells happily

Even Rangel from House Wittgenstein
And Itzadodyl from Lustria Star Kickers
attended the funeral under contract not to be touched by any ogre
- Viking
Jan. 9th, 2015
Pre-Season 16
-"Hi this is Bartomar Willen from the Altdorf Blood Bowl magazine with the latests news from We Eat U:s training camp.But i cant report on anything the press havent been let in this year,the rapscalians,but dont say i called them that."

-"But i can tell you that our slann star detective Mon'o'po'li did put on a snotling costume and sneaked in yesterday,this is what he reported to me."

-"Mon'o'po'li did say he saw the snotling Kablam in a weird black batsuit with wings get shot from a strange contraption and flew over a field dropping bombs,and it looked devastating,but Kablam injured himself in the landing.But the worst thing was the feast after that was made up off the new ten frogladies strong cheerleader squad that MartinS had hired this season for his team Lustria StarKickers,and worser still is that Mon'o'po'li was forced to eat it himself not to arouse susspition from the ogres,all i can say is that Mon'o'po'li is at home today very very sick."

-"That is all from me,"says the reporter and runs away in a hurry when the ogres begun marching out from the locker room.

One day later a snot was seen leaving a huge crate in front of Lustria Starkickers locker room,inside its rumoured to be the bones from ten frogs and some cheerleading costumes.
- Viking
Nov. 3rd, 2014
Game 5 Vs The Happy Squirrels
-"It seems the game did go your way tonight"says reporter

-"Aye last time we fought the squirrels they took us by suprise by their speed and dodging skills,this game we eliminated that option for them.
And it worked glorius,we contained the squirrels well this battle,and even made sure some of them got carried off the pitch in a stretcher"says Khrishnak

-"My fists made sure one of them dont rise again,also"says Max and shows off his huge hands

-"Gulp,well thank you ogres i hear them calling for me"says reporter and hurries off

In the little backroom were the snotlings roam.

-"Kablam were is my brother Prince Pow"wonder King Pow

-"Ehhh my King,your brother did volunter to spy on the Lustria Starkickers and their head coach MartinS"whisper Kablam

-"WHAT,what do you say"yells King Pow

-"Ehh apparantly some player named Paka Paka did eat him when he was hiding in a barrel"whisper Kablam

-"WHO,never heard of him"yells King Pow now angry as only a snot can be

-"Some rookie linefrog my liege that MartinS says is their new star player"says Kablam

-"REVENGE"yells King Pow and storms off
- Viking
Oct. 17th, 2014
Game 4 Vs Ulthuan Firebirds
-"We teached thoose soft pansies that meeting ogres is hard and its hurt,we won this game easy with 5-2 ogre count,so we are very pleased"says Khrishnak

-"I see so what about our new ogre Kilroy"wonder reporter

-"He is new,but he showed in todaysgame that he is ogre material,backing Max Ernst up following him,he is good ogre material,that will develop"says Khrishnak

-"And w..."begins the reporter

-"Get the hell out of here wimp,we will celebrate or do you wanna be a part of it"says Khrishnak

-"Sure im out of here"reporter runs away
- Viking
Sep. 19th, 2014
Game 2 Vs Kroot Loops
-"Did you see the fun game we had against the slimy toads my king "Kablamm asks

-"Of Course i did,but im not impressed by you my young snot booger"King Pow reply

-"Iknow iknow i will shape up king,and ive even found a way to improve my speed by a little bomb burst in my shoes when i play.And my king i must tell you MartinS coach of Lustria Star Kickers approach me after the game,and explained he think i should start fouling almost every turn in the game,he told me that is what small snotlings do best"Kablamm tells

-"What did u say that sneaky toad i will ltell the ogres this will not be takend on an empty belly,dont listen to him,he only wants you to anger the opposition and get you sent out so someone can collect the bounty on your head,dont give them the satisfaction you booger,we need to listen to the ogres in this game"King Pow demands

-"Yes my king i will,the strange thing was,he was dressed as a gobbo and he even did have the Stockbowl All-Stars jersey on him"he is weird that MartinS i tell you"Kablamm tells


-"Ahh food time,come Booger they are serving toads,they are yummy"King Pow says and runs of towards the gong
- Viking
Aug. 29th, 2014
Game 1 vs Rare Exports Inc.
-"WE ARE ANGRY AS HELL"yells Maghtar.
-"Everyone talks about how fair and good players dwarfs are,but i will tell you about the team from hell,Rare Exports Inc.They are a bunch of low-lifes,all through the game its was cheating and bending the rules from turn 1 to turn 16.It all started with before even the game has started one dwarf in the stands in Rare Exports colors stands up just before kick-off and lifts a huge gun and fires what must be a high-explosive bullet because Ghrishnaks head exploded on impact.After that the game was on,now we are talking about a dwarf that throwed bombs everywere,and did he get sent out NO because it turned out to be a dwarf referee ALSO,he only went out after he fouled one ogre to the casualty bench,but that was because we would have killed him if he didnt had run away the coward.And atop of that the dwarfs also had magic armor becuase with all hitting we did all game not one singe dwarf got his armor broken,that has never happened before.We have of course filed a complaint to the NAF board and we hope they will ban Rare Export Inc from future seasons.
And Khrisnak tells every Rare Export Inc player to grow eyes in the back,he hates every single one of you,and he will have his revenge"Maghtar concludes the report and walks away,no one stands in his way or asks follow up questions:
- Viking
Aug. 23rd, 2014
Pre Season 15
-"We shall go on to the end, we shall fight in season 15, we shall fight on the pitches and dug-out boxes, we shall fight with growing bellys and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our team whatever the cost may be… we shall never surrender!"yells Khrishnak to the team as a finish after the training camp was over.

-"Wow what a good speech he made,brough tears to my eyes"says the reporter

-"Ahhh SHUT UP"yells Max and pushes the reporter in horse manure
- Viking
July 21st, 2014
Response to HouseSillystein
-"U wanted to say something Max"says reporter from Altdorf Gazette

-"Yes and this is too you coach over that house undead,u see one snot in your homestands and after your maintenace crew fails,u get him to say some false words and then he dissaperar after he blames us.
Well lets see if u dare put your words were ur mouth are.
We challenge your team for a squig bowl battle,lets decide this once and for all,do you have the dead guts to do soo,and u Rangel u can hide behind your mommys all u want,we will tear u bone from bone,thats a promise"says Max and shows the reporter out of the way

-"Wow lets see what the response from House Wittgensteins team is"
- Viking
July 18th, 2014
Game 6 Vs Bogville Princesses
-"So how do you feel after this season"reporter asks

-"Well we had our ups and downs this season,but its always fun to bash some heads"says Khrishnak

-"What about the lizards how are they"reporter asks yet again

-"They are good,and they play solid,cant say anything any team that can beat three ogres from the pitch deserves respect,and that is why our money is on the Bogville Princesses for another title,NOW SHOOO"says Khrishnak ands walks away

-"Dont lay here fake an injury Kablam,you have work to do,now do it or get eaten"Ghrishnak yells and walks away

-"Crap,get me Screwup"says Kablam and point to another snot

After a while a really tiny young snotling approach the injured Kablam

-"Screwup if you ever wanna join our team now is the time to prove it,take my special torches and fuse with you and go detonate the things we spoke of"says Kablam

-"Ehhh yes sir,right away sir,anything for the team sir"says the tiny Screwup and runs away

After some time Screwup is seen running away with some fusewire and a couple of torches,singing to himself
- Viking
July 17th, 2014
-"Are you done"squeaky voice 1

-"Yes ive been digging for a long time on spare time,and i think none have seen me"Squeaky voice 2

-"Good our plan is soon being finalized"squeaky voice 1

-"Yes its going to be beutiful,ive placed charges all over the place on weak spots and under the pitch"Squeaky voice 2

-"Hahahahah lovely,sorry i cant see their faces,but lets hope that Rangel be coallteral damage.
Now go make some food to the ogres"squeaky voice 1

-"Yes my king"squeaky voice 2
- Viking
July 11th, 2014
Game 5 Vs The Drones Club
Knock Knock
-"Anyone there"reporter wonders.

-"Go away"squeaky noice inside
- Viking
June 20th, 2014
Game 4 Vs Lazy Lunch Lizards
-"Hello,anyone there"wonder reporter

-"Yes im here,what do you want"says high-pitch voice

-"Can we turn the light on,i wanna talk about the game"says reporter

-"No,we can not,we like the dark,and we have an announcement"says high-pitch voice


-"AHHH i just walked in to something,it hurt"yells reporter

-"Stop whining human,we beat the lizards easy and soon we will meet the champions,so before that we want the coaches engaged,so We Eat U will give 40.000smackaroonies to the team that makes that ugly Crue Ella from Bogville Princesses retirered or dead.Muuaaahhaaaa"laughs the high-pitched voice

-"Ohh ok,nice"says reporter

-"Exxxccceeelleenntt"says high-pitched voice

-"Who are you if i might ask"wonder reporter

-"Im the master of all snots in the Ogre Kingdom.IM KING POW,MMUUUAAAHHHAAAA"laughs King Pow

Sounds of footsteps can be heard

-"Hello,can we get the light on"says reporter

-"Hello,anyone there"says reporter

-"Hello..........Hello..........Anyone there..........Can i get some help...........Hello...........Hello..........Im afraid"says reporter
- Viking
June 18th, 2014

-"Hi everyone and welcome back to TROLL TV were we bring you the news of BLOOD BOWL and our motto is media never lies,my name is Greg Truemouth"says Greg

-"Well as a last guest tonight we have Honest Pete a goblin working around the pitch as a waterboy for the teams and he has some news for us,and remember we havent hired him in any way"says Greg and applause as a green goblin comes in and sit down beside Greg

-"Hi Honest Pete ive heard you have some news for us"says Greg smiling

-"Hi Greg,yes i have,i did overhear a conversation in a locker room yesterday,and lucky for me i had this"says an ever bigger smiling goblin and take out a small round ball

-"Ohhh you got an Orb Of Revealing"says Greg and make a big geasture

Honest Pete lays the Orb Of Revealing on a piedestal and an image starts to show and u hear an conversation taking place

-"The little boy did good,but he was spotted carrying that ticking crate and even his scouting was observed"says dark voice 1

-"Yeah the little snots love me,did i tell you of my time when i grabbed one and threw him long and he scored"says dark voice 2


-"We need to take some heat of him,the house W is on his tracks and tries to involve the other teams to get him,he needs a distraction"says high-pitched voice 1

-"Yeah you are right,for a snot you are smart King Pow"says dark voice 1

-"Well what about going after that new touchdown machine the princesses have produced,we meet them later in the season,could be fun if people was looking that way then,so our little man can work on"says dark voice 3

-"Yeah thats great we can announce it after our lizard game we have this week,and take the heat of Ka....-"says dark voice 1

-"Shhh we dont know who is listening,but i can tell you this,he is working on something huge,he just need a couple of weeks,ok are we done"says dark voice 3

-"YES"says all dark voices and a high-pitched one

-"Well wasnt that some good stuff"says Honest Pete and stands up to take a bow

-"Why did we under all of the conversation only hear the voices and got to look at you Pete posing for the Orb for five minutes,why didnt you roll the orb into the locker room like we told you to do,so we could have seen who was talking"says an upset Greg


-"Ehhh can you do that"says Honest Pete and slowly walks away

-"Well thats all folks from TROLL TV"Says Greg and make a sign to turn the camera of.

-"Damn Pete you blew it,BRING OUT THE GIMP"yells Greg

-"NO NOT THE GIMP"yells Honest Pete

CENSURED screen because of violence

-"Did i not tell you to turn that thing off"says Greg and turning the camera away and pull the plug
- Viking
June 13th, 2014
Game 3 Vs Dodgy Hags
-"No i dont want to,they are maniacs"says the rookie reporter.

-"well as a trainee u need to do it,too show the company you are a serious reporter"says anonymous and pushes the trainee in the room towards Max and Khrishnak who waits to be intervjued.

-"Well mighty big ogres what can you say about the game"says a nervous rookie reporter

-"It was a fun game in perfect weather,the amazons put up a good fight,and we loved it,we of course was not hurt and we took some slaps in the face by the amazons,and in return we hit four of the ladies down,even the Fan Favorite Thora Hammer did feel the real hammer from Max here,and she was carried out the pitch after that"says Khrishnak

-"But a draw cant be that good can it,and the ladys did put some of your snotlings out of the game didnt they"says the rookie reporter

-"Why do you small reporters always talk about how many snots the other teams kick down,THEY DONT COUNT,as we have say over and over again,according to ogre blood bowl rules,we won 5-2 were we get four points for casualties and one for the touchdown,the ladys get one for the touchdown but only one point for every full three snot they kick and two points for every ogre,so easy mathmu,matem,mahu,matmertics we won"says Max and walks over too the reporter

-"Ok well i have to go thanks for the input,and Max i think u are the best"says the rookie reporter and tries to swing around and walk away

-"Nice of you to say,but that wont help you,"says Max and grabs the rookie reporter and carries him away screaming

-"Ok call the trainee camp,we need a new rookie reporter"says the anonymous and walks away
- Viking
May 29th, 2014
Game 2 Vs Flayer Rock Titans
-"Hi Khrishnak what do you have to say about the game"Reporter ask ?

-"Ohhh it was a beutiful and fun game,we invited the Titans to a friendly game of snot bashing,and they agreed.
We even told Max to be kind to the younger ogres and show them some moves or two and he delivered and only pushed and throwed them around.
In the end we even let the Titans score so they could boost their fans and cash,we are lovley that way"says Khrisnak and laughs

-"Hi Maghtar how was the game for you,any wishbone luck"says the reporter smiling.

Look at it,have you ever seens any more ugly and useless wishbone like this,i will tell you never trust that lousy undead coach and if we see that skeleton Rangel we will pull him limb to limb."yells Maghtar and snap the wishbone in two and stomp on it.

-"Reporter you and your whole crew are invited to after dinner barbeque with us and the Titans,come"says Max and leads the reporter and his television crew in to the ogre camp."smiles Max

-"Ohh thank you Max you ogres are not that bad after all,what do you serve"says the reporter and follows

-"Human meat"laughs Max and close the ogre camp doors with the reporter looking afraid

On a sidenote the snots of the We Eat U team could later be seen carrying a big crate that was ticking towards the House Wittgensteins Home Arena
- Viking
May 16th, 2014
Game 1 vs Rare Exports Inc.
-"Maghtar can we talk to you about the game"report wonder.

-"Yes you may,did u see me crash that little stunty dorf in the middle first half and make him be carried out"Maghtar laughs

-"I did see it,what about the game itself you think"reporter asks

-"Well the dorfs cheated of course what to expect from chubby small thing with no honor,they used an illegal wizard in the middle of the game that clearly was overpowered,and magic gloves to get the ball,that kind of yellowbelly tricks."Maghar says and clench his fist.
-"But we won the ogre battle again,only one ogre down versus four of the dwarfs,yeah and some snots we dont give a beep about"says Maghtar yet again laughing.

-"Who was the injured ogre"wonder the reporter.

-"Me now shut up and get the hell out of here"Maghtar says and kick the reporter in the ass
- Viking
May 5th, 2014
Pre Season 14
-"Ahh the smell of fresh roasted snotlings in the morning,i love it"Palbo Balbo says

-"The We Eat U:s pre build up phase before season 14 is under way it seems"Reporter says

-"We can see the ogre brothers Ironbelly there sharing a giants bbq legs,Palbo Balbo roasting snots,Maghtar Faceripper is eating what he called pot puri,the hard hitting Max we have there sitting with Morg'N'Thorg sharing some drinks,they have really hitting it off,but lets talk to the new member in the team Cragbear Bearsnatcher who right now is eating on a grilled bear.

-"Cragbear what do you think of season 14"reporter ask

-"Well the team has taken me in and did let me have a slow start last season to get in the tactics and runnings of the team,this season im going full throttle be ready to see more of me in the upcoming fights"says Cragbear and take a bite out of the grilled bear

-"Well we cant go without talking to Max of course,Max may we here what you have to say"reporter says and stay out of arms reach

-"Sure ill say something,that yellow belly chaos ogre Werob the weak tried to lure me,he send me some green stones and a letter telling me that if i slept with those under my pillow i grow even stronger,BAAH he must think i was born öhhh day before monday or öhh last week or something,i know that thoose green stones are very bad,so i crushed them and did a warpstone pie that i send to the coach of the Meteors MartinS and i hope he choke on it,now bugger off or i will eat u"laughs Max and sit down

-"Well we are waiting for Martins response and his chances this season and what team he will coach also,over and out"says the reporter

Rumour has it the six ogres ambushed the reporter and his staff on their way out,an investigation is under way.
- Viking
Apr. 12th, 2014
Season Finale
Well a perfect end of the season going up against the most bashiest of teams,we loved it,we got knocked down and we did knock down,Morgh`N`Thorg had joined invited by Max for this season game,it was a bash feast and we loved it,respect to the Reptile Dysfunktion when they enter play-offs and then in old league good luck from the ogres.

As a sidenote can tell that Max and Morgh did share in a couple of skinks after the game,seen laughing and telling lies and jokes,almost like they knew eachother for a long time.
- Viking
Apr. 4th, 2014
Shame On Dead Meats
-"We were in a meeting yesterday discussing what to do about our last game"says Khrishnak the leader of We Eat U

-"Did the meeting go well"Reporter asks.

-"Well the board members that were there when we entered their meeting tasted very good,much meat on em"Laught Khrishnak.

-"But now im gonna be serious,the blood bowl game against Dead Meats yesterday was an atrocious to the game,we did enter the pitch hoping for a fun fight against em.
What happens,they recieve and their werewolf runs down and score,that is ok,we are used to that,but now the crazy starts,we line up on line of scrimmage for doing our thing,but right before whistle blows,the Dead Meats fans rush the pitch assaulting us in the We Eat U team,after the dust had settle all 11 of the undead stood there laughing at us,mena while 7 of our 11 players were stunned by the hideous act,and 4 of em was ogres meaning we could not deal our usual damage,ref did do nothing,that Jacob runs down snatch ball and score again"ARRGGHHH yells Krishnak

-"What happened next"the reported almost afraid to ask

-"Ok,we can take it we are big,we line up on LoS again to have our revenge,but before the ref blows his whistle what happens yes a BLITZ so that Jacob runs down and get the ball they kicked to us and again ref didnt do a thing,and he scored"Khrishnak destroys the table

-"EEK" the reporter yells and step away

-"Well our fans had have enough and beginning of second half our fans killed the ref before he could do anything and the sub ref he did his job,and we started to do our thing but it was to late,we have today after the meeting handed in an complaint regarding the match,and we want the Dead Meats punished for their obvious cheating on us"Says Khrishnak and leaves

-"Ooohh we also handed in that stupid orange ball the Dead Meats insisted we should play with,that ball did not even once in the whole game bounce anyway we wanted,but always very handy for the undead,strange isnt it"Says Palbo Balbo after Khrishnaks gone

After the two ogres left,the reporter clearly shaken did say -"Puhh a new record,i survived"
- Viking
Mar. 13th, 2014
Souls Harvested
-"Another fine win by the ogre team,crushed the necromantic team with six injurys and two of em was killed never to rise again."Says Khrishnak after the game

-"But but didnt they score three touchdowns and hurt an equal amount of snotlings in your team."reported responded

The ogres stod up

-"No no you are right and obvious win by your guys"and the reported hurried off

-"See Magtar they can learn the ogre way"Says Max and laugh

On a sidenote,Max will not respond to the rumours of him being cousin to Morg'N'Thorg,all he did say about that is that he will surpass Morg as a player before his playing career end.

Another sidenote,the ogres of We Eat U,want things to stop and show them true ogre style,even though the two rookie ogre teams are new and not as colorful as us,we think they have been doing fine this seasn,BUT we have ONE ogre that we are very dissapointed in,and its time to put him to rest,yes we put out a bounty of 30.000smackaroos to the team that can put an end to the chaos ogre Werob The Geek,he is not a true ogre and has been swayed by the chaos forces,this must stop.
- Viking
Mar. 7th, 2014
Pfff Skavens
-"Skavens what joke,they are weak,fragile and they talk funny.But i will give them this,they are slippery and hard to catch,but when you do,they aqueek and wriggle,they are fun to hit"says Palbo Balbo

-"But they won easy over you with five touchdowns to your onooohhhh,Ohhh Max didnt see you there,you think maybe you could let me go and put me on the ground"Reporter says afraid.

-"What did you say,we lost five to one,we cruched them,the whole dugout was full of injured skavens and we didnt got a single hit on us"says Max in the reporters face

-"Ehhh that is not true,i did see three snotlings laying there"the reporter corrects Max

-"Hahahah you never learn do you,snotlings dont count and neither do touchdown,we count the hurt being done on the pitch,LIKE THIS"says Max and hit the reporter in the face and breaks his noose,and while the blood is pulsating out he goes and open the latrine door and thorws him in"
- Viking
Feb. 16th, 2014
Darkland Slavehunter
the chaos dwarfs pregame offering with slave meat from their mines to us,proved to be poison meat,so we ogres were not at 100% this game,and it showed,only MaX Ernst was a resemplance of himself.

We respect strenght and the Darkland slavehunters beat us fair and square,this game,next time we will not accept a meat tribute but will get their hobgoblins instead
- Viking
Jan. 30th, 2014
Game 2
-"Hi my name is Rookie Ralf a trainee from Spike Magazine,last game against Now With Flavour any com....

-"Fuck Off HUMAN"shouts Max and hits Rookie Ralf

-"Shit he killed him"anonymous 1

-"Pick up his teeth and help me carriy him away"anonymous 2
- Viking
Jan. 16th, 2014
Game 1
Bahh the puny elfs dont wanna fight,dodging around stealing balls,sure it looks good,but that is not what ogres like,we like to bash and so we did,three players went down in the Maledor Mantifjants or what they are called.

- Viking
Jan. 11th, 2014
Season 13
It seems once again the ogres need to prove their worth with a new group of heavy rated teams,against the lower rated ogres,but they will rise up to tthe challenge.even if the snots is grumpy the ogres is looking forward to some new trophys in their dining hall.
- Viking
Jan. 2nd, 2014
From the training camp
-"Hi Khrishnak,u got a couple of minutes ?"says Jim

-"For the press always Jim" says Khrishnak

-"How have the training camp been theese last days before season 13 is about to begin"Wonders Jim

-"Well Jim,its been very educated,we have tried a huge amount of different races to eat,and we could agree on that lizard stew get dry very fast,orcs are very sinewy,amazons humans and elfs typical meat,undead uneatably but good to pick ur teeth with,chaos skaven and nurgle is infected meat,we stay away from infected meat,dorfs just to damn hard to cook for so little good meat,but our all time favorite is halfling,they are so delicious and succulent"says Khrishnak

-"Well Khrishnak,but what about the ball play and tactics in your training camp"says Jim

-"I dont understand the question Jim"says Khrishank

-"Well any last words"wonders Jim

-"YEAH"Max comes in -"Tell that fat ogre Werobb that my huge fist will be planted down his throat next time we meet"Max catch a rookie snot tosses him on the fire

-"Well there u have it players,coaches and fans,WE EAT U are bodacious as always,over to u Bob"says Jim
- Viking
Dec. 20th, 2013
Season 13
Let me be the first one to say hello too my two race players
Have fun in 13 Miscellaneous Monsters and Flayed Rock Titans.

-"We got a small problem,and that is that our two fellow ogre teams have small stomachs,we had a feast to celebrate and they only managed to eat around three pepole each,that we cannot have,so coaches teach them to eat like proper ogres"says Khrishnak Ironbelly

-"This season we got our eye on Morrslieb Meteors and Werobb the Wize,that renegade chaos ogre,that takes the easy way out and think chaos can offer him riches,the only god there is for ogres is THE GREAT MAW,we will go hard on him,and after we meet,he will be called Werobb the What The Hell Happened"says Max

Have a great season every1
- Viking
Dec. 14th, 2013
-"Really small toads and frogs won the championship against three lizard teams u say,well easy explained,they cheated of course"says the new star in the team Palbo Balbo

-"Ohhh wait Max"says Jim

-"WHAT IS IT"yells Max

-"How did it go in the squig bowl,did u kill someone as promised"wonders Jim

-"WHAT DID U SAY,ohh sorry the others call for me"says Max and stamps off

OFF: GZ Froggy
- Viking
Dec. 13th, 2013
Squig Bowl
"Hi Max"says Bob

"Hi Bob"says Max

"So Whats new on the horizon for We Eat U,As an ogre im intersted"says Bob

"Well tomorrow,meanwhile the more chezzier teams have their playoff,we will battle two matches of squigbowl,thats were the real challenge is"says Max

"Isnt squigbowl very random"wonders Bob"

"Of course Bob and there is were the challenge is,and i promise i will kill one opponent tomorrow"says Max and bump his fists

"I will also kill one"says Lord Death sneaking up behind Max

"What the BIIIPPP"says Max and kicks the snot away
"Hey this kick team-mate was fun"laughs Max and walks away

-"There u have it boyz and girls,dont miss the fun play offs tomorrow and if u have time,check out the squig bowl pirch for the hell of it"concludes Bob
- Viking
Nov. 26th, 2013
Max Ernst and the We Eat U team applaudes Rattleham Ratpacks Kil Kil for thoose fine and TRUE words,and they will even cheer and hope the skavens will do fine in the play-off

-"But that will not save your lives next season if we meet"says Max Ernst and smile
- Viking
Nov. 25th, 2013
We showed them small little meetbags that messing with us will hurt.

And next season every1 need to look out,we will take the title
Hey spare me some dorf ribs yells Max as he walks in the locker room
- Viking
Nov. 16th, 2013
Well for wood elfs they were quite ok,we enjoyed the match

And we gor our hold of an elf cheerleader after game,she tasted yummy with garlic
- Viking
Oct. 23rd, 2013
Chao Ab Ordo
Something is not right in that team,how can a team of weak dwarfs and hobgoblins defeat and kill one of our own and even hurt Max Ernst,we suspect foul play and will leave a report to the officials to investigate in magic being unlawfuly used
- Viking
Oct. 10th, 2013
Damn elfs,what the hell,they bribed the ref all game long,and they all had magic boots on then,they could not fail to dodge och get in to pick up ball even if it always was guarded by players,we hate elfs
- Viking
Oct. 3rd, 2013
Great Game
The game against Quantum Pussycats was a great one

Loose,yes we lost,but we showed them ogres are a tuff bread,and we killed one of them,yes it regenerated,but a kill is a kill

We respect strenght,so we respect Quantum Pussycats,we will meet on more even terms another time

After game the dead snot was barbequed and delivered as a snack to Quantum Pussycats
- Viking
Sep. 19th, 2013
We Won
After their first game was played it was one happy coach and a smiling team that come to the player room

We won,on ogre terms that is,maybe they won the game

But we did six casualtys so the elfs really felt the pain,what did u say yes they did six casualtys to our snots to yes yes,but because they count as 1/3 of a casualty it really was 6 vs 2 for us,so we won =)
- Viking
Sep. 7th, 2013
Clearly Cheating
We Eat U:s manager was very upset in the pressroom after the divisons was made clear.

-"Its so easy to see,how the management has cheaten and made this draw a mocking out of the blood bowl game,putting our team against not one but three elf teams were all teams are well developed."

-"The management must truly be afraid of us to try to make this season so terribly boring for us,im ashamed"

Max Ernst step into the room and yells
- Viking
Aug. 8th, 2013
Season Over
AArrgghhh Khrishnak was mad as hell after the finale match,were they lost against the Slaver Dwarfs.

It was an abuse of a game,they had bribed the ref that constantly inteferred with our moves during the game

After the statement the 5 ogres could be seen going over to the referee tent,and when they come out the did seem quite pleased with themselfs
- Viking
Aug. 4th, 2013
Damn elfs to be dodgy,what are they doing,why dont they bash like we do and have fun,running around the pansies,yelled the ogres after the draw against the Pink Teddybears.

I think they cheated Max Ernst yelled and grabbed some snacks on the way to the locker room,the cheerleader did not look amused.
- Viking
July 11th, 2013
Skaven grease
the skaven had oiled them up in some funky stuff,we could not get a hold of em,the sneaky gits.Max Ernst were heard yelling walking in to the locker rooms after the game,he did get the mvp but people and fans says it was only because the judge didnt want to be eaten after the game.
- Viking
June 26th, 2013
Thats what most ogres roared when a zombie intercepted a last try pass from the snots to make it another draw.

-We did go head to head with the Necros,and they had problems with us,and i have gotten angry and clubbed down some rotten meat.Max Ernst did another 2 injurus this game and has advanced as lead hitter in the team.

Just before game start the sprinklers started up,and sprayed all pitch with water,and made the ball very slippery.
Before game it was rumored a little snot was seen tinkering with some pipes under the pitch.
- Viking
June 25th, 2013
We are on the move
We Eat You have had their first game,and made a draw.
"it Felt nice to crush some tender halflings on the pitch"did the ogre star player Max Ernst say,the fans expect great things from his this season.

More important note,after the game several smokey fans had gone missing,many fans reported they did see the ogre players carry several off them into their huge tent,never to be seen again.
- Viking
We Eat U
Race:  Ogre
Coach:  Viking

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