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July 16th, 2010
Shakin' Rats
MIDDENHEIM. Earlier today, Antti Norvejh faced The Vermillion Vermin in a game between the teams at the top and the bottom of the table. According to bookmakers across The Empire the money were on a Skaven victory.
The Vermin started smoothly with some great play but as gutter runner Skrattle Steerpike fell down trying to get into position, deep in the Ogres zone, things started to go bad. Ogre Tom Mage sent the Skavens blitzer badly hurt off the pitch. And for the rest of the half and for most of the second half neither team could produce much results and it wasn't until late in the second half that snotling Fulofin Sneben could put Antti Norvejh on the scoreboard as the first team, leaving the Vermillion Vermin only two turns left to tie the game. This time they pulled of some great plays starting with Opus Fluke's second completion and a handoff between the two gutterrunners. The Ogres almost but an end to the game by blitzing Skrattle Steerpike. But Splint Sparrowmarsh could pick up the loose ball and tie the game 1-1. The Skaven's Kislevite coach, Dmitri Zigány said after the game: "We are obvously disappointed by not winning this game. But still pleased cause we didn't suffer as many injuries we expected. And the fans bought a lot of our 'Legio Pestilentia' T-Shirts, so we leave this game a much richer team and still #1 in the league". They sure are cocky those pesky rats and their coach.
- Manfred Steinbaum, Middenheim Mirror
- DamónDmitri
July 2nd, 2010
Vermin Victory!
[this article was found in the blood bowl section of the middenheim mirror]

Praised be the Horned Rat!
The Vermillion Vermin won their first game of the season, beating Hallowed be thy Blade 3 to nothing. The unlikely hero of the game was linerat Skuill Doomworm who opened up by badly hurting one of the Dark Elves to give the Vermin a man(rat) advantage. He then proceded to score the 1-0 touchdown. Not surprisingly he was also awarded with an MVP after the game. The Vermin managed to capitalize on the chances they got and a spectacular blitz move, where the rats just poured through the dark elves' defense, lead to the 2-0 TD. The only dark cloud on this sunny day was the death of Gutter Runner Split Skuttlespike by the hand of Nabir Duskstrider and that linerat Parsley got his leg broken by Lirynam Whitebat. As Parsley fell to the ground a loud growl was heard from a covered up cage on the sidelines by the Vermin's dugout...
Promising Thrower Opus Fluke was noticably distracted by the bright sun and fumbled the ball once and couldn't get his first and only completion until the sun was at least partly covered...
The Vermillion Vermin's Kislevite coach, Dmitri Zigány seemed happy with his team after the game: "the rat things played very well today" he says in his distinct eastern accent, continuing; "they also hit hard, it is only sad they hurt so easy. But we have now hired the services of a veterinary, we think that will help tremendously."
So far it looks like it will be the year of the rat.

- Manfred Steinbaum, Middenheim Mirror
- DamónDmitri
June 30th, 2010
Collector Cards now available!
In anticipation of the upcoming Season 2 1/2, The Vermillion Vermin's PR organisation, Plague Promotions, Inc, has published pictures of the team's starting line-up. Check them out at the teams roster or the team itself live at the season premiere against the dark elves of Hallowed be thy Blade, at Blood Bowl Thursday #7.
- DamónDmitri
The Vermillion Vermin
Race:  Skaven
Coach:  DamónDmitri

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