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Feb. 13th, 2011
Third time's a charm!
Finally the dirty orcs of Blue Bay Rollers are defeated by the ever fresh wood elves! "A tight game, but one we managed to bring to a satisfying conclusion." comments Kermus Waterfall who was elected MVP for the Treehuggers.

A good start of the season no doubt, but will it last? Their next game will be against the sneaky Educated Rodents, who might even smell worse than the orcs!
- Magnus
Dec. 13th, 2010
Treehuggers turns the season
Toastwood Treehuggers finished the season on a high note, First they pounced the Arrogant Amphibians and later they shut out the Slakthus 7. Scoring 7 touchdowns and letting in none in the last two games, it's looking up for the prancing elves.

Both Lyrid Mistdancer and Cyred Birchsinger have proved their worth, doing numerous touchdowns. Heasi Oakwarmth is turning out to be quite the monster, moving like the elf he is, but hitting like an ogre!
- Magnus
Sep. 15th, 2010
Treehuggers into Season 3
After placing fifth in their division in Season 2, the Treehuggers played in the SquigBowl. They scored a tie against Coulrophobia and one of the new catchers, Lyrid Mistdancer really stepped up. 2 touchdowns and one casualty easily awarded him the MVP of the match.

When asked about Season 3, the Treehuggers coach gave his usual whimsical statement: "We have grown stronger during this season, and soon we will bloom like the beautiful flowers we are."
- Magnus
June 11th, 2010
Treehuggers ties, two Touchdowns!
After their questionable season start against Ferocious Furries the Toastwood Treehuggers managed a respectable tie against Evül Elves.

2-2 in touchdowns and 0-1 to the Treehuggers in casualties is a result the Wood Elves can be pleased with.

After a casualty and two completions Gaeleg Owlwatcher was also awarded MVP for the Treehuggers.

"It was time for someone to step up and show the Dark Elves how Blood Bowl should be played." he said in the interview after the game.

When asked about why the Treehuggers are still at the bottom of Division 3, his confident smile wavered for a moment, and all he said was "No comments."
- Magnus
Toastwood Treehuggers
Race:  Wood Elf
Coach:  Mago

Current Champion

Latest matches:
Season 31, round 7
  1    Wormwood Harbingers
  1    Iron Casters
Season 31, round 7
  1    Barbed Wire Kisses
  2    Ett Slannt Nöje
Season 31, round 7
  1    Salzenmund Demigr...
  2    Magyar Marauders
7evens Season 2, round 2
  1    (7) Killabot Ravens
  0    (7) Seven Sisters
7evens Season 2, round 1
  1    (7) Killabot Ravens
  0    (7) Seven Sisters
Season 31, round 6
  1    El Diablos
  0    Salzenmund Demigr...
Season 31, round 7
  3    UndeadZone
  0    Syndabockarna
Open Season 18, S1
  2    Snowstoppers
  1    Walter Tech Tips
Season 31, round 7
  0    Meal Machines
  3    Singing in the snow
Season 31, round 6
  1    Black Ark Bloodle...
  2    Ett Slannt Nöje
Season 31, round 6
  2    Syndabockarna
  2    Nobilissimum Domi...
Season 31, round 6
  1    Chaos Engine
  1    UndeadZone
7evens Season 2, S1
  1    (7) Seven Sisters
  0    (7) Khorny Seven
Season 31, round 6
  2    Ulthuan United
  0    Magyar Marauders
Season 31, round 6
  1    Iron Casters
  3    Meal Machines
Open Season 18, s1
  2    Pitchburg Stealers
  0    Biggie Smalls
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