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Sep. 5th, 2014
The first outing in the league went slightly less well than anticipated.
The other teams players were faster, stronger and harder than halflings. Obviously they were all on steroids and cheating!
The Chef also had some problems performing under the stress of a real match, during practice the match did not start until the Chef gave the signal.
"The referee just blew the whistle and started the game before the fondue had melted. I have never seen disrespect like this, I demand that the referee will be reprimanded for his rudeness!" said the Chef.
- Ozt
Aug. 26th, 2014
Cheesemongers, ho!
I have the utmost faith in the team. Over 50 halflings competed for the spots on the roster, and only the very toughest got accepted. Oh, and Sune Manges as well. They fare very well in the practice games against the halfling training squad and are as ready as they can get.

We have also got the support of the Fonduemaster of Newmill, the greatest cheesemaster in the known world. This promises to boost morale and protein levels in our players during the season to come.

The team is looking forward to the game against the Tombsville Choppers their first experience playing against non-halflings.

-Coach Ozt
- Ozt
Newmill Cheesemongers
Race:  Halfling
Coach:  Ozt

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