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Aug. 26th, 2014
Public in chock after easy win
The human public where in chock after the Gaul Sidekix – Star Kickers game last Angestag. Not of the result, the humans’ solid play gave them a fair and easy win, but what happened after the game.

Right after the end-signal, the Slann players fell to their knees, and started chanting, bowing towards the starplayer Helmut Wulf; “o-a-e EE-o, o-a-e EE-o”. Slann staff then carrying him up a wooden-constructed pyramid together with the chopped of head of the Slann player he killed during the game. At the top a robe-dressed Slann lifted the head high up in the sky as part of some strange ritual. Then turned to Wulf and put a crown on his head. Helmut, however, refused to be part in this blasphemy and started his chainsaw and chopped the priest in pieces. This really turned the slann audience on. The chanting became deafening loud, climaxed only when Helmut raised his chainsaw over his head in a victoriously gesture.
- MartinS
Aug. 24th, 2014
Lustria Star Kickers arena all right
Article in the Altdorf Gazette:

The young arena-inspector Maximilian Brenner was on a unannounced visit at the newly built home arena of Lustria Star Kickers outside of Marienburg. Complaints of water pits filled with slime-looking substance, waterlogged areas with overgrown waterlilies and thousand of small frogs all over the place had been made after the latest Squig Ball game. Surprisingly, Mr Brenner didn't have any remarks on the arena at all. Instead his official statement was very positiv. "I think this is the best Blood Bowl pitch in the whole empire. It even beats the largest arena in Altdorf. I also have to say that I will retire."

A weak later Mr Brenners bought a big estate. He payed with gold with strange inscriptions on them.
- MartinS
Lustria Star Kickers
Race:  Slann
Coach:  MartinS

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