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July 3rd, 2010
The Holy News issue #3 Season 2
After comming home from the game vs Carcosan Cremators something was discovered missing. Sister Eves holy bra had been stolen by tTaurican. She will now have to spend the next match praying in order to remove the blessings from that bra, sadly only one blessed bra is issued per sister so she will now be forced to use a regular sportsbra and thus will have less armour than the rest of the team.

Sister of Lust says that the cremators seemed very interested in throwing us on our backs and removing our clothes, fortunatly the attempts were childlike and the only one man enough to rip clothes of our bodies was Taurican.

Next game for Holy Sisters of Thyr is being played against The Filth, another chaotic dedicated team, this one is dedicated towards Nurgle. It will be a tough game with all the big strong players in that team. And the smell of some of them is said to confuse the passinggame of their opponents and on a few players the smell is rumored to be so bad that instead of blocking them you have to hold your hand up to your nose and recover from the horrible smell!
- Muffloo
June 6th, 2010
The Holy News issue #2 Season 2
Revenge is a dish best served holy. The sisters came out ontop against the rivals Pointy Ear Saints in round 2. The sisters are still the only team ever to have beaten the current reigning champions, and have done so twice now. Sadly the game they lost was in the playoffs and we had to leave last rounds playoffs after the first round.

Next round is against another team we have played before, last time ended in a defeat for the sisters, they have been doing alot of praying now to prevent this from happening again.

With the win in this round sisters is now at the top of Division 1, but now we have three tough and brutal games before us with alot of strong players and coaches. In round three we have the norse, and then we are playing back-to-back games against two chaotic teams. One of them smell really bad and the other is just big, strong and nasty. Will faith prove enough armour against these brutal giants? only time will tell
- Muffloo
May 28th, 2010
The Holy News issue #1 Season 2
The god was clearly on our side in this first match of the season. There had been rumors of this elfteam being a very brutal and bashing type of team, so the girls prepared with a few extra knuckledusters between the prayers, it clearly worked since they won 3-0 in the casualty department and had even more elves in the KO section. In the end the superior faith from the sisters proved too much for the elves and the result was a 2-1 win for Holy Sisters of Thyr.

Next match is against our nemesises Pointy Ear Saints, this will be the third time that the two teams face up in a match with one win each so far. HSoT got the win in last seasons groupstage but got measly thrown out of the playoffs. You can count on a bunch of nuns being eager to make up for that one lost match in the playoff! Extra prayers for all and to all a good night.

One funfact, Holy Sisters of Thyr is the only team ever to beat the Pointy Ear Saints in the Stockbowl history, this is something they are very proud of.
- Muffloo
May 10th, 2010
A holy prize!
The holy forces that look down upon the matches played by their favourite team (Holy Sisters of Thyr) have decided that it's most unethical and hard to tell what players are what when it's all a gray smudge. They will therefor in the spirit of the violent sport of blood bowl sponsor a bounty worth 20k to the first three teams that field a fully painted team vs Holy Sisters of Thyr.

Rules and more information about the prize will come up shortly.
- Muffloo
Apr. 30th, 2010
After a long wait the long awaited photos on the team has arrived. Each player now proudly presents herself at the teamroseter, and we even have a teamphoto to show up!
- Muffloo
Mar. 26th, 2010
Final countdown!
This is the final round of the groupstage in this season, the nuns are happy with their results so far and have said they continute to pray before each match. Everyone is adding another extra two prayers a day every day untill Thursday 1st when we are facing the brutal norse team.

Sister of Lust has been quoted when she said "During the last two matches the opposite team seemed intend on getting us on our backs by trying to knock us out and then wanting to have sex with us, don't they realise nuns take a vow of celibacy?" This after alot of 6's came up when it was time to rip the clothes off the nuns after knocking them down (armour rolls)
- Muffloo
Feb. 25th, 2010
Good start of the season
The sisters keeps on going strong, today they claimed their second 3-0 victory, this time against the bigger version of the greenskins. Next round will be a groupfinal with the leading team vs the team in second position. The girls have said they will put some extra time for the prayers for that game to make sure they come out ontop!
- Muffloo
Jan. 31st, 2010
Photo session
The girls just came home from a photo session with the photographer Jonas Lindström and they can't wait to get the pictures back from him and see who looks the best. There were both individual pictures and a teamphoto taken. Sister of Lust got no doubt she will be the best looking in the pictures, she also lets out a secret that she plan to use her femenine attributes to confuse the opponents and distract them
- Muffloo
Holy Sisters of Thyr
Race:  Amazon
Coach:  Muffloo

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