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May 29th, 2013
The beutifull people are back
And I don't want you and I don't need you
Don't bother to resist, or I'll beat you
It's not your fault that you're always wrong
The weak ones are there to justify the strong
- JB
Nov. 25th, 2011
The hard work of being undead finally payed of and were in the playoffs. I have a nice feeling in my heart as i hold it in my hand. Like flies hatching in the guts of a dead cow. Im sure you know the feeling yourself.
I´d like to thx my opponents for ther help on the way. We could not have succed without your zombies. A big big thank you for that.
Our biggest thought goes to Black Mambo. Rondé and EnChufa says hello to their former team and thx for the chanche to play with this great team. They would never volentered for this chance but are glad it was presented to them
- JB
Sep. 3rd, 2011
Learning to be dead
2 games player.
2 games lost.
Were just newly dead so give us time to learn.
Its gonna be assume in The end
- JB
Dia de los muertos
Race:  Undead
Coach:  JB

Current Champion

Latest matches:
Season 31, round 7
  1    Wormwood Harbingers
  1    Iron Casters
Season 31, round 7
  1    Barbed Wire Kisses
  2    Ett Slannt Nöje
Season 31, round 7
  1    Salzenmund Demigr...
  2    Magyar Marauders
7evens Season 2, round 2
  1    (7) Killabot Ravens
  0    (7) Seven Sisters
7evens Season 2, round 1
  1    (7) Killabot Ravens
  0    (7) Seven Sisters
Season 31, round 6
  1    El Diablos
  0    Salzenmund Demigr...
Season 31, round 7
  3    UndeadZone
  0    Syndabockarna
Open Season 18, S1
  2    Snowstoppers
  1    Walter Tech Tips
Season 31, round 7
  0    Meal Machines
  3    Singing in the snow
Season 31, round 6
  1    Black Ark Bloodle...
  2    Ett Slannt Nöje
Season 31, round 6
  2    Syndabockarna
  2    Nobilissimum Domi...
Season 31, round 6
  1    Chaos Engine
  1    UndeadZone
7evens Season 2, S1
  1    (7) Seven Sisters
  0    (7) Khorny Seven
Season 31, round 6
  2    Ulthuan United
  0    Magyar Marauders
Season 31, round 6
  1    Iron Casters
  3    Meal Machines
Open Season 18, s1
  2    Pitchburg Stealers
  0    Biggie Smalls
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