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July 5th, 2017
Season 23 - Round 5
Such a good match.

This match had everything, a perfect hobgoblin kick, vampires bitings its own, a werewolf on illegal substance, custard pies delivered via a big bull centaurs, hypnotic gazes, thrall scoring, dwarven agility (picking up an scattered ball) and many many fouls!

However, the fangs mange to score one to many times and when the machine aim to tie the match a riot occurs, making the match too shot for the machine to do anything.

Defeat is never glorious nor fair, but this marks the end of the machine chances to advance to the finals... but we won't go down without a fight as the next team who stands in the way is the mighty blocking greenskin team Firewalkers.

Until next time... fear the old train.
- Gywn
June 19th, 2017
Season 23 - Round 4
Such a bloddy match.

We have never before seen such a loss. Henry, poor Henry, was injured early in the match, and seeing how he was never going to be as strong as he once were, our apothecary put him out of his misery. Crazy Phil was the man responsible and continued his slaughter of our team, sending dwarf after hobogobiln to the KO box.

However thanks to our mighty star player Thomas the Tank Engine, we were able to once more take a victory for our team.

However, next time... next time will be our make or break, as we face of against the counts of darkness and the team Chelosu Fangs. Fear the old train...
- Gywn
June 9th, 2017
Season 23 - Round 3
Such a match!

At the start we did not know what to expect, as the frogmen has never been encounter before this match. And worse yet they had both Hemlut and Slibli on their side on the pitch. But our secret formula of "hitting them until the fall down" worked wonderful and we even managed to chop Hemlut into bits.

However we saw desperation in their eyes. A lone frog, a catcher from his attempted to stop our star and almighty Tank Engine. Thomas after the match spoke of the eyes of the frog and how they were filled with determination and fear at the same time. Even though Thomas did not go down he respected his foe enough to at least move.

The Machine keeps going and our next match will be a glorious bloodbath to our coach almighty Gwyn!
- Gywn
May 12th, 2017
Season 23 - Round 2
Such a mess.

The dwarfs starts the match by being distracted when the opposing team rolls out his halfing chef.

The elfs does quick work and continues to score turn after turn, and apparently the boys desired to bring the soft gloves this time. I (Almighty head coach Gwyn) manage to argue a dirty play successfully but Thomas... poor Thomas falls down multiple times during the match. Clearly this was a trick from the elfs.

The train keeps on going, but right now we are aiming to take the second place in order to qualify for the big Stockbowl finals.
- Gywn
May 4th, 2017
Season 23 - Round 1
Such a great match.

Turn 1 and 2 ends with both Head coatches being removed when aguring the call.

From nowhere two balls appers and a leaping flesh golum crowd surfs Rusty into a KO. Too bad that the ball was fake. A rouge wizard aims for a blitzer but hits a hobgoblin into oblivion. Dead players everywhere and new zombies hits the field.

In the end, the machine keeps going and The Tank engine gains dodge while Rusty gains Break Tackle.

Until the next match, fear the old train.
- Gywn
Big Mean Machine MK3
Race:  Chaos Dwarf
Coach:  Gywn

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