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Season 5, Round 5
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Gjallarhornets IF

gate: 21 000
3 TD score 1
cas score
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The Dukes


profile Disa
profile Disa
profile Sif
TD Scorers
Nimoth retired
Foulers (no cas)

profile Bjorg
Badly Hurt'ers
Luespar retired
Cordre retired
Serious Injurers

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profile Hilda
profile Sif
profile Hilda
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profile Hilda
Interceptions By

profile Ŝorhild
MVP awards to
Hellwyn retired
  Sustained Injuries  
-1 MA
Nimoth retired
victim healed by apoth
Result added July 25th, 2011

Match notes
Once again a wonderful day for Bloodbowl at Blue bay home arena. The whole town was in a great mood and 14000 home fans showed, twice as many as the Dukes managed to bring along. Once again the home field fan advantage was total!

The Dukes of derelict Desecrators Brought two team trainings along with a bloodweiser babe to compensate for their weakened team. but in the end it was not enough.

The new home team captain Hilda won the coin toss and went with kicking for the first half. GIF started out with a solid 4-4-3 defence, fielding both throwers and their catcher. letting Steinvor start as bench warmer The Dukes took a very offensive role and left the whole team but their thrower Morgoth almost at the line of scrimmage . The ball flew long, the wind catching it and last second before landing the wind almost seemed to take it into the stands but it finally ended up in the Dukes endzone.

The Dukes first move was to apply pressure in the middle, pushing the GIFs line into a tight cluster. this followed by two catchers a a blitzer safetly taking place a long way down the field, his linemen covering their advance. then he easily picks up the ball and stops searching for openings. GIF tries to build pressure early on looking for a quick counter, moving up a few player and while doing that is trying to force the elf thrower to do something rash. They then moves the rest of the team into a more defensive stance but their blitz that would have made the defence perfect failed when Ŝorfrid, GIFs foremost bringer of pain brutally landed in the dirt after underestimating the elf blitzers.
This makes coach Coma frown and he screams for the team to take advantage of this. The dukes cleared around their catchers and made the way clear for a quick lead. The ball seemed to fly in a perfect angle but then GIF captain, Hilda with a little help from an inattentive Duke lineman jumped higher then ever catching the ball in his firm grip, easily dodging away from the surprised Elves passing the ball to Disa whom unnoticed stood to close to the goal line for the Dukes to stop giving GIF the lead from a defensive stance.

The surprised elves quickly assembled and once again tried the exact same lineup. The GIF players filled with the cheering of the home fans they to stood as in a rerun of the last few turns making the cheering even higher giving their spirit a kick in the ass so that they truly woke up. Who need to train when you are filled with the spirit of the fans?

Perhaps this made them to sure of their capabilities, since the first thing that happened was GIF line Skuld being blitzed so hard he missed the rest of the game by Duke blitzer Luespar. seconds after Bjorg also was down on the grass stunned. Duke thrower once again secured the ball in his hands, a bit further up this time and surronded himself with his teammates leaving it wide open for GIF to get behind him with a couple of players. GIF blitzers then put the Duke offence to the ground.

Now we are halfway through in the first half and the first thing that happens is almost a catastrophy for The Dukes when Morgoth Pushing himself to hard and is freakishly close to trip on his own feet.but still manages to get the ball flying for Nimoth he stands with nerves of steel, easily catching the ball and starting to run, leading to him falling down when he tried to get away from the GIF player marking him. Rannveig quickly takes the opportunity but completely fails to pick up the ball. Once again it looks bright for the elves and Morgoth once again has the ball running down the field almost reaching the goal line when Ŝorfrid beats him to the ground and picks up the ball. GIF secures the field as good as they can but Arngrim Rödskägge puts a quick end to their turn when he tries to give a beating to Morgoth sending them both falling.

This is followed by the Dukes managing to put GIF ball carrier down and moving into better position. GIF then clears up around the ball a bit and putting their mid field down to the ground before Ŝorfrid once again picks up the ball laying resting in their end zone and moves up, putting down a line elf on the way.

The GIF player positions was not good enough though, so the Dukes pushes themselves in so that they can reach the GIF ball carrier. Once again sending him to the ground, once again stealing the ball with their catcher and once again failing to dodge free when his lines tried to move down field. GIF surrounds the elf cage totally and block their way into the middle.Their final move is to move Sif down to make it as good as impossible for the Dukes to score for their last turn. But the way was to long and when trying to go the extra yard he fell, leaving him stunned in the grass. Nimoth quickly took the chance and blitzed himself free, ran through half the human team, pressing himself the extra bit and left the home fans shockingly silent when he evens the score to 1-1.

The dukes fielding they remaining nine players realises that Rumque has not shown upp for the game at all, luckily she just then came running. After the biggest yell in Duke history they field a defence waiting for the half to end. The fans cheering brought a bit of well needed energy to the GIF players whom managed to get an elf into the KO-booth ending the half when Rumque failed to catch a pass.

Second half or how to win the group play...

The Dukes kicks the ball and the humans starts to take back the game.First thing that happens is Bjorg taking a swing at Hellwyn sending him off the field for the match is is unclear if it was this action that brought him an MVP acknowledgement later on since this the first time the commentator said his name.
GIF follows this up with putting a few elves on the ground and once again falling along a elf line to the ground while they try to get him while he is down.
The Dukes tries not to be any less of a team starts their first turn with Cordre sending Yngvild of for the game, luckily for GIF their Apothecary patched her up though. Then the elves followed up by knocking out Rannveig and closing in on the GIF throwers standing by the ball.

GIF picks upp the ball and starts their advancement on the with elves weakened left flank securing the field, The Dukes moves in a bit but when Tiamah falls when throwing a punch against ball carrier Hilda . She then dodge away from the elves surrounding him, passes the ball to Disa , whom once again unmarked has moved up the field but when Yrsa failed to get clear of the elves marking her she found herself very alone with charging elves coming her way. Luckily for the home team her balance left her standing even though in a quite bad spot.

Ŝorfrid then went into a frenzy and without any help sent Nimoth of the field presumably killed. But the Duke Apothecary managed to save her life leaving her with only a smashed ankle, Disa then dodge free and giving back the lead to the home team. New kick off, both teams sets up and turn four for the Dukes starts with a blitz, the home team quickly makes their move and before the the elves can do anything Hilda had sent off Baequi to the knock out booth and GIF monster Ŝorfrid steady next to the ball that almost fell into her hands. The Dukes started their turn with Cordre failing to get free to cover the ball and falling down.

GIF sees their chance to secure victory and puts a few elves to the ground but before Ŝorfrid can pick up the ball Bjorg dramatic fails a block. The Dukes feel that they must act now to avoid a loss and tries to pick up the ball that is surrounded by GIFs strong offence to do an almost impossible pass but cant get the ball up. GIF moves more player up to secure the ball and clears out the standing elf players threatening the ball but the got beaten to the ground when she throws a punch the wrong way.

Now it is the Dukes turn to clear up around the ball but Luespar fails a dodge when he tries to secure the defence. GIF easily clears away the last of the defenders leaving Sif totally free to pick up the ball and doing 3-1.

GIF once again kicks the ball and their brilliant coaching shines through the play. The visitors desperately breaks through to try and leave the loss a little better but fails to get the ball up, GIF then easily stops them sending an elf to the knock out booth and ends by marking all the elves on the pitch good. Last desperate act by the Elves is for Morgoth to dodge free and steal the ball in front of the humans, but that attempt ended quickly when Luespar failed to catch the ball leaving the score 3-1

For GIF the gold flooded after the new Disa merchandise sold out completely, lucky 13 indeed. While the Dukes got half that sum, and that was because the aid for the broken teams.
MVP appointed for GIF was Ŝorhild, a player never afraid to get in alone against many elves to help keep them away from her team mates and for the Dukes Hellwyn a journeyman that now fills the rank of a real duke.

GIF is now clear for the play-off and are as hungry as ever before.

Current Champion

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