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Match result

Team badge
Darkwood Devils

gate: 27 000
1 TD score 1
cas score
Team badge
The Vermillion Vermin


Cardellini Bounty (20000 gp)
TD Scorers
Velk Venompaw
Foulers (no cas)
Badly Hurt'ers
fans / random event

Serious Injurers
fans / random event

Cardellini Bounty (20000 gp)
Cardellini Bounty (20000 gp)
Completions By
profile Opus Fluke
profile Opus Fluke
profile Splint Sparrowmarsh
Interceptions By

MVP awards to
Skweel Scumdrool
  Sustained Injuries  

Miss Next Game
-1 MA
Result added June 22nd, 2019

Match notes

ÜBERSREIK. The interest in the return of The Vermillion Vermin continues as their game against league leader Darkwood Devils drew a season best 27.000 spectators! And they were in for a real rollercoaster of a game.

The Devils won the coin toss and elected to recieve. And even though the Skaven seemed to gain some tactical advantage the dark elves put the pressure on and could quickly send the Vermin's journeman out on a stretcher. The Vermin's defence forced the Devil's to move the ball from flank to flank until they could finally push through and Cardellini could score the game's first touchdown, not leaving much time left for the Vermin to retaliate.

Kickoff and some more tactical moves by the Vermin's coaches. The kick landed far downfield and as team captain Opus Fluke moved back to retrieve it, the rest of the team pushed on the left flank... Unfortunately he got his own enormous mutated hand tangled up in his legs as he rushed for the ball, delaying the Vermin's attack. And through some chaos the Vermin never had time to score in the first half.

In the second half the Vermin again pushed forward on the left flank with Opus Fluke retrieving the ball, passing it to Gutter Runner Splint Sparrowmarsh who darted forward into a well protected pocket. The elves who had formed a well formed deep defence, hindered the rats progress.
The dark elf super talent, Cardellini, in a mad dash from the opposite flank lept over the Skaven linemen to Blitz the equally talented Slint Sparrowmarsh, managing to knock him over and take the ball and continue towards the Vermin's endzone... The rest of the elves now loosening their defensive positions as they moved upfield to assist the offence. But a blitz by linerat Skweel Scumdrool managed to down Cardellini. And that was the moment Splint Sparrowmarsh needed as he snatched the ball and hurled it to the unexpecting hands of stormvermin Velk Venompaw who managed to catch it and rush unhindered to tie the game at 1-1.

This seemed to drive the spectators wild, because as the Vermin kicked the ball someone in the crowd hurled a rock onto the pitch, hitting Devil's blitzer Daddario so badly he's reported to miss even the next game!
This in combination with the ball landing just by the sideline/midfield line obviously disrupted the Devil's plans. Cardellini retrieved the ball and passed it to a fellow blitzer who had to rush almost alone towards the endzone on the left flank... But as he was within scoring range Splint Sparrowmarsh rushed back and blitzed the ball loose, snatched it and moved back. It didn't take long until he, in turn, was blitzed and the ball was loose again. He regained his feet, snatched the ball again and rushed towards the near empty midfield and passed the ball to linerat Skweel Scumdrool who then rushed away from elves but, was reache d by a lineelf, and with some assist from fellow linerat Parlsey he got blitz himself free and rush for the endzone. But as he pushed to reach it before being cought by following Cardellini he tripped on the goal line!!! What a disaster for the Vermin team!
The ball was thrown back in by the crowd and Cardellini just needed to get it and throw it to a teammember in the centre of the pitch... he was promptly surrounded by Skaven players but in the push and pull than follow he broke free and rushed to a waiting lineelf who just needed the handoff to score. Unfortunately they slipped and the ball was loose. Gutter Runner Sephril Sorrowkill could then snatch it and rush upfield again throwing the pall to Splint Sparrowmarsh who was in a position to rush and hand it over to a waiting rat for a winning touchdown. But... Splint Sparrowmarsh did a rare mistake as he couldn't get hold of the ball... Now the elves rushed to capitalise on the mistake and score instead! But the pickup was fumbled and time ran out. the Final score remained Devils 1, Vermin 1.

- Dirk Schadenfreude, Middenheim Mirror!

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