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Match result

Open Season 15, Stadion 1
Team badge
Firpit Assassinators

gate: 21 000
1 TD score 1
cas score
Team badge
The Vermillion Vermin


Skargoz Skulldagger
TD Scorers
profile Splint Sparrowmarsh
Foulers (no cas)

fans / random event
fans / random event
fans / random event
Badly Hurt'ers
Serious Injurers

fans / random event
fans / random event
Skweel Scumdrool
Completions By
profile Opus Fluke
Interceptions By

Brikfur dead
MVP awards to
Velk Venompaw
  Sustained Injuries  

Ziglit Marrowsucker dead
Burble Bubonic dead
Skreet Leekwyrm dead
Result added June 19th, 2019

Match notes
RURAL AVERLAND. To everyone's surprise, today we witnessed the return of The Vermillion Vermin. A Skaven team that crashed and burned in the league almost a decade ago. In their first game of the comeback the met the goblins of Firpit Assassinators.

Apparently the 21.000 spectators were very excited to see this comeback match and a riot broke out almost immediately! When the game could finally get going goblin Fanatic Oddbloom Facemace caused huge havoc on the line of scrimmage as he went like a whirlwind of steel and hurt through the skaven ranks, stunning two of them.

However, the Vermin used their speed to get around the goblin lines and put the ball holder under preasure... Burble Bubonic, however, was tripped so badly he later died.
The Vermin managed to get te ball loose and and even get hold of it, but surrounded by Trolls, including starplayer Ripper Bolgrot the were heavily beaten and soon the Assassinators could get it back and push towards the Vermin's endzone.
The Vermin managed to steal the ball deep in their own zone and rush it towards the midfield, preventing the Assassinators from scoring in the first half.

The Second half started with Phleg O'Possum catching the kick, running upfield and passing the ball in front super talent gutter runner Splint Sparrowmarch, who just snatched it up in front of Troll Kling and proceed to dart towards the opposing endzone... Blitzers and linemen rushed after to protect him. The Assassinators tried to block the way, and had even rigged a spring trap, but it backfired as it hurled Splint Sparrowmarsh over the defending goblin and free to score a touchdown...

As game resumed, the chainsaw wielding Looney Skargoz Skulldagger badly hurt one of the skaven and killed rookie Skreet Leekwyrm. With ever dwindling players the Vermin tried to hold off the Assassinators, but it proved impossible and Skargoz Skulldagger could also score a touchdown at the end of the game, making it a tie at 1-1.

After the game, team captain Opus Fluke said: "We mourn the loss of our rat brother Burble Bubonic, but are happy to be back on the pitch. We expect to only get better from here."

We are looking forward to see what they can bring to todays Blood Bowl.

Signing off,
Dirk Schadenfreude for the Middenheim Mirror

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