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Match result

Season 23, Round 4
Big Mean Machine MK3

gate: 17 000
3 TD score 0
cas score
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no custom badge
Cape Asp Wiseguys


Rusty the Diesel
profile Thomas the Tank Engine
TD Scorers

Gordon the Big Engine
Badly Hurt'ers
Crazy Phil
Baby Shanks
Crazy Phil

Fearless Freddie
Serious Injurers
Little Sammy
Crazy Phil
Completions By
Billy Fingers
Billy Fingers
Interceptions By

MVP awards to
Handsome Johnny
  Sustained Injuries  

Miss Next Game
Handsome Johnny

Henry the Green Engin dead
Result added June 8th, 2017

Match notes
Fan Favorit för BMM går till #1 för att visa hur man gör en till TD.
Fan Favorit för Cape Asp Wiseguys går till #3 som själv skadar en mindre majoritet av motståndar laget.

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