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Warpville Slaughterboys

Race:  Underworld
Coach:  Pellevin
The last few years, Warpville has evolved into a minor centre of commerce, so few were surprised by the announcement that the WarpHansa got a Blood Bowl team assembled. To create goodwill they said. To attract business they said.

After a few games against regional third rate teams, fans have started to doubt the wisdom in this idea. The team has been crushed in every game. They have almost never held a ball, let alone scored. They have lost at least half a dozen players in each game.

Now the WarpHansa has entered the team in the league.

Warpville Slaughterboys team badge
Bulletin board from the coach


Tournaments played:
Open Season 8, SquigBowl 22, Open Season 9, Season 24
Trophies won:
Open Champion: Open Season 8


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Current Champion

Latest matches:
Season 29, 1/4 -dels final
  1    Blackport Krakens
  2    Saphery Seraphs
Season 29, round 8
  2    New Vinland Patri...
  2    Kista Social Nibb...
Season 29, round 8
  0    Sick Moves
  0    Also Sprach Zharr...

Open 16, B2
  3    Ulthuan United
  2    Ryssviken Ragtags

Season 29, round 8
  1    Enskede Bollklubb
  2    Blackport Krakens
Season 29, round 8
  1    The Dumbster'z
  2    Träskallarna IF
Season 29, round 8
  2    Edsbergs Elende
  2    Killabots
Season 29, round 8
  0    Hedeby BK
  1    Writers Wot Snuff...
Season 29, round 8
  0    Ormfell Vipers
  1    Green Diet
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