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Rottenham Stubs

Race:  Halfling
Coach:  Dr.Oster
In 2460, a band of Ogre hooligans settled down in the Moot and forced local halflings to form a football team for them to cheer on. The Rottenham Stubs were so bad they used an average of 100 players each game due to the amount of deserters after kick-off

When the restriction of 16 players came in 2482, the matches only lasted for the first kick, after which everyone had fled. Head coach Gosh Bumblebruck then had the brilliant idea to also field Ogres. The flings now stuck around and the team had taken the first step to a most unlikely victory

Rottenham Stubs team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Apr. 12th, 2015 - old news
Press Conference Pep-Talk
Gosh Bumblebruck, the master chef and head coach ogre has gathered the players to hold an emergency meeting prior to the press conference where they will announce their participation in the coming Silly Season. While the halflings listen carefully to what the head coach has to say, the two ogres sit absent-mindedly in the back and pick their noses, looking for any curious content to sniff on.

- "Oi! Listen up ya imbeciles!", Gosh yells as he throws an ice bucket of Bloodweisers at the two ogres.

- "You two boneheaded pieces ov shi' need ter stop goin' around an' call yaaahrselves ogres. Dem rules are clear as cheesy lard, only them treemen may play wiv 'alflings, so keep yaaahr treemen-shirts on an' start callin' yaaahrselves treemen, awer we'll not be able ter play matches any mawer. Got it?"

He glares and snarls at the two ogres who keeps staring at their own toes with a shameful expression on their puffy faces.

- "Now, get yaaahr acts together an' keep yaaahr mowths shut when repawters start askin' quesshuns. We're gonna win dis season or ya won't get any mawer food fer a week! OK?"

The players nod and start shambling out of the changing room, goaded on by their fat master chef head coach. When entering the press conference, he is wearing as representable of a smile that an ogre can possibly put on his face as the cameras start flashing.
- Il Maestro
Tournaments played:
Silly Season 1, Open Season 3, Silly Season 3
Trophies won:
Collector cards: Open Season 3


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