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Manson Family Tree

Race:  Wood Elf
Coach:  Muffloo

Manson Family Tree team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Sep. 19th, 2014 - old news
Missing coach!
As the elves lined up to play Angered the opponents was nowhere to be seen! Trying to use a signalhorn and catch tje coach failed aswell so we ended up with a WO win.

Next day the coach of We Eat U was spotted trying to kidnap a bunch of people and goblins in a large red carriage! We suspect him of foul play with Dadibom not showing up for our game!
- Muffloo
Sep. 6th, 2014 - old news
a Bards tribute
And a cas and a cas and a cas, cas, cas, cas!

Come on everybody and block them elves
Now you're looking good
I'm gonna throw my blocks and you won't stand long
We gotta do the cas and it goes like this

Come on let's cas again like we did in round one
Yea, let's cas again like in the reserve rumbles
Do you remember when things were really hummin'
Yea, let's cas again, blocking' time is here

That about sums up the game against the orkz. They came out casing, after turn three had ended five elvesw ere in the casualtybox and two in the ko box. The game justw ent downhill from there.
- Muffloo
Aug. 27th, 2014 - old news
Photo shoot!
As part of their pre-season ritual the team went out for a photo shoot together,.

A player that prefers to be anonymous was a bit annoyed with the obvious lack of skill the photographer had, but atleast we have our pictures up now so the kids can start collecting our cards.
- Muffloo
Aug. 25th, 2014 - old news
Rematch vs Bubbas
We faced them in the squigbowl and evem tho we won the TDs 3-1 but they hurt our player badly. We hope that they will wear some silkgloves and dont injure us as badly. Last match squigs suprised us and multiplied and insisted on jumping out ofnour hands.

Leslie Van Houten is said to be looking forward to a regular ball after having alot of troubles with the squig!
- Muffloo
Tournaments played:
Reserves Rumble, SquigBowl 14, Season 15, Open Season 2
Trophies won:
Collector cards: Season 15


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