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The Ibex Guardians

Race:  Skaven
Coach:  The cat alan
The Ibex Guardians appear as a desperate partnership between 2 teams in decay: the Prime Perfidous and the Pack of Sneaky Opportunist Equalitors. Both teams alternated championships on their league during the last 40 years until the popular support of their catlike opponents rocketed, hence threatening their hegemony. Thereupon FP, PP's captain, foresaw the need to join forces with their eternal rivals in order to remain in power. For that reson they found to find a coach liked by both teams, and that was the old half-blind retired thrower JCdB

The Ibex Guardians team badge
Bulletin board from the coach


Tournaments played:
Season 24
Trophies won:
Champions: Season 24
Collector cards: Season 24



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Current Champion

Latest matches:
Open 16, s1
  2    Chaos Engine
  1    Tlanxla Visionaries
Open 16, S1
  2    Chaos Engine
  2    [YB] Tobbes Darke...

Season 29, round 1
  0    Anlec Talons
  2    Also Sprach Zharr...
Season 29, round 1
  1    Träskallarna IF
  1    Kista Social Nibb...
Season 29, round 1
  1    Killabots
  1    Hedeby BK
Season 29, round 1
  2    Writers Wot Snuff...
  0    Mighty Brewerers
Season 29, round 1
  3    Blackport Krakens
  0    The Dumbster'z
Season 29, round 1
  0    Edsbergs Elende
  2    Green Diet
Season 29, round 1
  2    Enskede Bollklubb
  1    Dark Frells Unt.

Open Season 15, b2
  2    'UMan' Unified Ma...
  1    Darkwood Devils
Open Season 15, R1
  2    Also Sprach Zharr...
  0    El Diablos
Open Season 15, R3 - Boat
  1    The Dumbster'z
  2    Darkwood Devils
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