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Goblin Horror BloodBowl Show

Race:  Goblin
Coach:  Viking

Goblin logo
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Bulletin board from the coach
May 4th, 2016 - old news
Season 20
-"Hello everyone this is Honest Brick live from Gobbo News,we are talking with the star of Goblin Horror Bloodbowl Show,Frank N Furter.Dear Frank N Furter what do you say about the season and tomorrows opposition."asks Honest Brick

-"Well Honest,to be honest we dont think anyone in Group B will stand a chance against us,we will simply walk over everyone,i mean come on,what do we have to battle,two wood elf teams,everyone knows no elf can take a hit and they just run around screaming in a silly language,we have a norse team,ohhh im scared,they are just a bunch of weaklings,and throw some raw meat on the pitch and they are busy,we got three different undead teams,they are slow stupid and can only think of brainz,you can quote me on this after the season,we will win EASY"Frank N Furter says and drink the new refreshing Gobbo Coke

-"Thanks Frank N Furter good luck tomorrow,but i guess you wont need it"says Honest Brick
- Viking
Tournaments played:
Silly Season 4, Squig Bowl 19, Season 20, Silly Season 5, Silly Season 6
Trophies won:
Jumbo Prize: Season 20


The team got an extra Reroll as their Jumbo Prize in Season 20. It should be removed after the next season the team plays in.

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Current Champion

Latest matches:
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Season 29, 1/4 -dels final
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Season 29, 1/4 -dels final
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  2    Saphery Seraphs
Season 29, round 8
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Season 29, round 8
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Open 16, B2
  3    Ulthuan United
  2    Ryssviken Ragtags

Season 29, round 8
  1    Enskede Bollklubb
  2    Blackport Krakens
Season 29, round 8
  1    The Dumbster'z
  2    Träskallarna IF
Season 29, round 8
  2    Edsbergs Elende
  2    Killabots
Season 29, round 8
  0    Hedeby BK
  1    Writers Wot Snuff...
Season 29, round 8
  0    Ormfell Vipers
  1    Green Diet
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